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Fiberglass Pool Pricing - Whats included?

Fiberglass Pool by Pool Pros in Larsen WI


So you have just perused our fiberglass pool page and you are probably wondering what is included in the basic package pricing listed with each model?


Great question and I will start out with this disclaimer. The prices we listed are site unseen and may vary due to site specific conditions. The best way to get the most accurate quote is to meet with someone from Pool Pros for an in home consultation. At that time all variables can be taken into affect during the estimation process.


Pool Pros provides the pricing as a starting point. It helps to prequalify potential pool owners and helps establish a budget for a potential project. While we wish we had time to meet with everyone that wanted a pool, the reality is we just dont, and by providing our pricing up front it saves us from chasing potential pool owners thats simply can't afford a fiberglass pool or helps potential owners look for a smaller or larger pool.


- Installation in the Greater Green Bay area (with drive up access to pool site and grade variance of 6" or less at site)

- San Juan Fiberglass Pool Shell

- Skimmer, Drains and Return Fittings as Required.

- Excavation and haul out of material

- 4" thick pool base of 3/4" Gravel and backfill

- 8" Sump Pipe

- Trenching and plubming/ conduit to within 20' of skimmer

- 3' Perimeter Cantilevered Broom Finished Concrete

- 12 volt 300 Watt Intermatic Low Voltage Transformer

- Hayward Universal Colorlogic LED Pool Light

- Hayward Swimclear Multi Element Cartridge Filter

- Hayward VS Omni Variable Speed Pool Pump with built in automation

- Hayward H250FDN Universal Induced Draft Pool Heater

- Maintenance Kit (pole, brush,leaf skimmer, test kit, vac head, vac hose)

- Start Up Chemicals ( case liquid shock, quart algecide, 2 liter scale free, tri chlor tabs, cartridge cleaner)

- Initial cleaning of pool

- Rough grade site cleanup (no topsoil, seed, fertilizer, etc.)

This is a complete package to get you up and running. That being said, each pool we have built has varied from this package in one way or another. Most commonly we add more concrete pool decking, a slide or waterline tile to the project. The options are only restricted by a pool owners imagination and most importantly budget.


You are now just a few steps from having a beautiful new San Juan Fiberglass Pool . Now that you have reviewed our pricing and are comfortable with those starting numbers, its time to schedule an in home consultation to go over your pool project. From that point we can put together an accurate quote and move on to signing a contract and designing your project. Once the design is complete, its just a matter of getting your project on the schedule.

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Green Bay, WI 

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  • This website contains an abundance of information that has been created over the last decade or more. Some of the content on this site may reflect prices, perspectives, processes, entities, and names that were relevant at the time but may not be as relevant today. Consumers should consult a Pool Pros associate for the most accurate and updated information based on the unique conditions of their property. Consumers should verify specifications with the installing Pool Pros rather than relying on the information on this website, which is not intended to be a final specification.

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