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Fiberglass Pool Review: The M Series Fiberglass Pool from River Pools


If you are looking for a Hybrid of River Pools 2 Best Selling Pools you have found it. The M Series is a cross between the D Series and the R Series. The M Series has a tanning ledge in one corner and the remainder is wide open for swimming. The best of both worlds. It also had a touch of a contemporary feel.



The M Series features a sizable seating bench in the deep end that can be customized with therapy jets. 2: TANNING LEDGE The M Series features a spacious tanning ledge for lounging


This pool also has space to swim. This is what drives the M Series value. No other pool compares.


The M Series Pool features a full length swimming lane to get your work out in.

LIFETIME WARRANTY River Pools is known for its commitment to quality and that is evident by its lifetime structural warranty and 15-year surface warranty. Check it out for yourself right here. RIVER POOLS WARRANTY

POOL COLOR OPTIONS River Pools offers 8 premium Gelcoat colors featuring 3 standard colors and 5 upgrade options. Artic Shimmer, Caribbean, and Granite makeup River Pools standard colors and are quickly becoming the most popular color in the industry. Check out this article about Trends in Fiberglass Pool Colors for more info. Sandstone, Ocean, California, Graphite, and Maya make up the upgrade options from River Pools.


Have you ever wondered how fiberglass pools are made? Check out this video series from River Pools, How Fiberglass Pools Are Made.


The photos and videos in this article are the property of River Pools. For more info see the source link below. The manufacturer above is not an affiliate and Pool Pros was not compensated for writing this article.



River Pools : How Its Made:

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