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Financing your Above Ground Pool Project

Cash flow a little tight but your family won't get off your back about getting a swimming pool! Pool Pros has the answer. Lightstream Financing. Pool Pros clients have been using Lightstream as a financing option for well over a decade.


The process takes only a few moments to fill out an application online and then 24 - 48 hours for a response.


Lightstream will lend from $5,000.00 to $100,000.00 for qulaified candidates


The application is direct with Lightstream. Pool Pros never sees your application or confidential information. Direct and secure process.


The loan funds are given directly to you and not paid out to contractor. This leaves you in completel control of any dispursements to your pool builders


Finance your entire project or add a custom feature to your above ground pool. Include your deck, a heater, pool lights, landscaping, a hot tub,etc. Whatever your projects includes, Lightstream has it covered.


Great low rates! Lightstreams rates are comparable with most home equity loans or private bank loans.


Great payment schedule that allows you to pay down your project over time rather than one lump sum. No prepayment penalty either.

Lightstream is a great option for financing your pool. 70% of Pool Pros clients use Lightstream Financing to finance their Above Ground Pool Projects. For more information follow the link to For more information about our above ground pools take a look at our above ground pool page or contact Pool Pros for a free in home consultation.

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