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How much does a fiberglass pool cost?

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

D 40 Fiberglass Pool from River Pools
River Pools D 40 Fiberglass Pool


The true answer to this question is it depends! The reason it depends is that there are numerous variables at each given home that can dramatically affect the cost to install a fiberglass pool. To overcome some of these variables Pool Pros has put together a preliminary price guide with a range of pricing for typical installations with drive-up access to the pool located in the back yard.


The variables to the cost of installing a fiberglass pool are listed here. We will dive into more depth later in the article.

Travel - Limited Site Access - Environmentally Sensitive Areas - Site Slope or Elevation - Distance from a Dump Site - Distance from a Quarry for Materials - Setbacks - Accessories - Landscaping - Underground or Overhead Utilities - Gas Service - Electrical Service, Amount and type of pool deck.


Below is a list of our price ranges for our River Pools Models and a break down with the typical equipment provided. Pricing is subject to change at any time without notice.


  • Fiberglass pool shell in standard color

  • Delivery to the Greater Green Bay Area

  • Crane/Telehandler to offload and set pool

  • Installation of fiberglass pool the River Pools Way

  • Complete Excavation and Haulout of Material

  • 8" Schedule 40 Sump Pipe with Skimmer Lid

  • 3/4" Clean stone base and backfill

  • 2" Rigid Schedule 40 PVC Plumbing to within 10' of pool

  • Concrete Pad for Pool Equipment

  • 12" x 12" thick stamped cantilevered concrete coping

  • Pentair Clean and Clear 320 Cartridge Filter System

  • Pentair Master Temp250 Pool Heater

  • Pentair 2 Way Valves

  • Pentair Light Controller & Low Voltage Transformer

  • Pentair Bioshield UV Sanitizer

  • 1 Grey CMP Skimmer and 2 Grey Return Fittings

The R Series Fiberglass Pool from River Pools: This pool features a large open swimming lane and a full width social seating bench. This pool is the best overall value. Its pricing ranges from

$50,000 for the R20 up to $79,000.00 for the R40

The D Series Fiberglass Pool from River Pools: This pool features the hottest trend in all swimming pools the tanning ledge. This pool ranges from $55,000.00 for the D24 to $80,000.00 for the D40

The C Series Fiberglass Pool from River Pools: This pool features a large free-from feel with a tanning ledge and a nice seating area in the deep end. These 2 pools range from $65,000.00 to $79,000.00

The L Series Fiberglass Pool from River Pools: This pool features a tanning ledge and a nice seating area in the deep end.

L36 $67,000.00 - $77,000.00

The I Series Fiberglass Pool from River Pools: This Free form pool features a large tanning ledge with a free-from feel and a nice seating area in the deep end. This pool ranges from $53,000.00-$68,000.00



Site Access is the first variable that needs to be addressed. We need 12-14 feet of unobstructed flat ground to drive our dump trucks in and out of the job site. Our

if we cannot drive our dump trucks into and next to the pool to load the excavated

soil, and deliver gravel we will need to move the excavated material by machine to the front of the yard to load into trucks which will take extra time and add to the cost.


If the area in your yard has a significant slope there may be a need to install a retaining wall or grade the area out around the pool. This can add time and cost to complete the



Buried or overhead utilities can affect how we can get equipment in and out of the job site

most notably the pool. Septic Tanks, private wells, propane tanks are all potential areas that

may affect the placement and installation of a pool. Typical cost to install gas service to a pool heater is $800.00 - $1,800.00 on average and is based on the length of run from the meter to the pool heater. Typical electrical service to have your pool equipment set up by a licensed electrician is $1,800.00 to $2,800.00. The cost may vary if sub panels are required and if access through a basement is challenging


Fencing in the area may affect the ability to get in and out and maneuver inside the pool site

Fencing costs vary from $4,800.00 an up pending amount of fencing and style. To fence around the average pool it is usually close to the $5,600.00 mark.


Pool accessories can add quite a bit to the cost of a typical pool project. For instance Automatic Pool Covers range in cost from $15,000.00-$24,000.00 based on size of pool and type of installation. Winter Safety Covers which we recommend to everyone range from $2,800.00 installed to $4,200.00 based on the size of pool.


Pool decking costs can vary by type and amount needed to complete your pool project. The typical cost for standard broom finished concrete is $10.00 per square foot. For stamped concrete the price rises to $24.00 per square foot. Paver Patios cost $25.00 and up based on style. Natural Stone Pool Decks cost around $40.00per square foot an up. With the average pool deck being around 1000 square feet the cost of the pool deck can rival that of the pool.


Travel is the most common factor that may cause our pool pricing to vary. Anytime we travel

outside of the Greater Green Bay area we incur additional costs for fuel, wear and tear on

vehicles and additional employee wages for the time travelled. Travel also affects the cost of delivery of the pool shell from the manufacturer as well. The additional cost can range anywhere

from several hundred to a few thousand based on the distance, time traveled and the

number of trips needed to complete the project.


At the end of the day our average pool project is between $89,000.00 and $130,000.00 for a complete pool package with pool, installation, decking, gas service, electrical service, site clean up, and fencing.

If you are ready to "Catch the Wave" like we have call Pool Pros today at 920-771-0107.


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