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How Much Does a Lighted Bubbler Cost?

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Lighted LED Bubblers are a great trend for 2018. They add the sound of running water that is soothing and the lighting can be synced with your pool lights to create a beautiful and unique light show.

That being said. These are not just plug-n-play features. The fiberglass pool shell has to be cut, sanded, cleaned then the body for the light fitting has to be installed and sealed to the shell. Next, the plumbing has to installed, then the conduit for the light cord. Then a low voltage transformer since the lights are all low voltage, typically 12 volts. Then the light cord has to be installed and wired into the transformer. This all takes several hours and a few other materials to complete.

At Pool Pros we charge $1,2000.00 installed per each Lighted Bubbler from Custom Molded Products. We have had customers balk at that price because they find a similar bubbler on or another online store for less and that's great. We always do what we can to help clients save money, however, the cost of the light is only one piece of the puzzle. After you factor in labor, materials, and the liability a builder is accepting by installing this item, there is little profit in it for a builder. It does add an extra something to your pool that the average pool owner won't have though.

Tie this CMP LED Bubbler in with existing pool or spa lights from Hayward, Pentair, or Jandy to create a beautiful color show.

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