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New Fiberglass Pool Models for 2022 - River Pools

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

The M35 Fiberglass Pool from River Pools
The River Pools M Series Fiberglass Pool

As one of the leading Fiberglass Pool Manufacturers heading into 2022, River Pools has upped its game once again to boost its stable of uber-popular fiberglass pools. I guess they are not actually new pool models but rather a few new sizes added to an already popular set of pool series. For 2022 River Pools has expanded 2 of its most popular fiberglass pool series with 6 new options in the X Series and the I Series Fiberglass Pools

The X36 Fiberglass Pool from River Pools
The X Series Fiberglass Pool from River Pools


For 2022 River Pools has released 2 new sizes in the X Series Line. The X Series consisted of the X36 but now boasts a solid lineup featuring the X32, X36, and X40 models. The addition of the 2 new fiberglass pool sizes completed the line for the X Series. Check out more about the X Series Fiberglass Pool in our Fiberglass Pool Review article where we go over in-depth the details of this unique fiberglass pool model.


River Pools most popular freeform pool now comes in four new amazing options. For 2022 River Pools has added the I34, I34S, I38 and I38S to the I series lineup. This sweet freeform pool comes as a standard pool or with an attached hot tub in the S designated models. Now you can choose from the smaller I25 all the way up to the massive I38. The I series is complete with sizes available to fit every yard . For more info on the I Series Fiberglass Pool check out our Fiberglass Pool Review: The I Series by River Pools.

If you are ready to catch the wave of new pool ownership call Pool Pros today today to get started. 920-771-0107.


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