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The Evolution of the Fiberglass Pool Skimmer

Updated: Nov 30, 2021


For many years there has been only one option for fiberglass pool skimmers. That was the standard Hayward 1084 or CMP Vinyl/Fiberglass Pool Skimmer. While these are good skimmers they don't adapt particularly well to fiberglass pools. The main reason is that most fiberglass pool walls are at a 7-degree cant and the traditional pool skimmer was designed for a completely straight wall panel like a vinyl pool wall panel. The angle can be made up in the skimmer extension collars that can be added to the top of the skimmer. The drawback is that when done in this manner can lead to potential leaks at the skimmer collars when the pool water level is at the maximum operating level. Regardless this pool skimmer has been used on thousands of fiberglass pools and has had no issues.


Flash forward to 2018 when Bill Khamis of Thursday Pools came up with the next evolution of the standard pool skimmer. Let me tell you, this guy was born to solve problems. He has come up with a whole host of solutions for fiberglass pools over the years. It's pretty amazing. We will touch on those in another article. Back to The Lucky Seven Skimmer from Thursday Pools. This new skimmer design was unique in that the skimmer was designed specifically for fiberglass pools. The Fiberglass Pool Skimmer features a 7-degree canted angle to match the angle of a fiberglass pool shell. Thus giving this fiberglass pool skimmer a level and flush appearance. This also allows the pools to be fuller without worrying about leaking at the collar extensions. This fiberglass pool skimmer also features a faceplate that covers the transition of the faceplate to the pool wall and the rest of the skimmer. This covered up the raw edge of the fiberglass and gave it a more clean and finished look.


In November of 2020, the unstoppable Bill Khamis came up with another new version of the already improved fiberglass pool skimmer. The Double O7 Skimmer. The big improvement in this iteration is the ease and quickness of installation. Rather than using a jigsaw or angle grinder, this fiberglass pool skimmer can be cut in using a hole saw. This makes the installation quicker, cleaner, and look nicer. The best part is that the shape does not affect flow rates or skimming ability. I don't know if this fiberglass pool skimmer can be improved more than this but leave it up to Bill and his crew @ Thursday Pools to come up with something new and soon! We can't wait to see what these guys come up with next.



Green Bay, WI 

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