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Beach Entry Fiberglass Pools

There has been alot of recent hype over what has been marketed as newly developed idea in fiberglass pools and that is the beach entry type pool. A beach entry type pool is a pool that has no step down into the pool. Its as if you are at the beach and you walk into the water that slowly gradually gets deeper. This idea has been incoporated into concrete/gunite pools for quite some time now.

The beach entry pool is something fairly new to the fiberglass pool market and one manufacturer is taking the idea and running with it.

Thursdays Pools of Indiana has done a great job marketing their new line of pool models that feature the beach entry concept for 2019.

However the beach entry fiberglass pool idea was first implemented by Kirk Sullivan of San Juan Pools. Below is a photo of the first beach entry fiberglass pool. The San Juan Taj Mahal Fiberglass Pool in this photo features a beach entry and a negative edge that spills over the deep end of the pool. Both of these ideas where first implemented by San Juan Fiberglass.

This could be a great idea and pending the success of the Thursday design, I can foresee this being a big trend for fiberglass pools in 2020 for Thursdays Pools and whenever the Thursdays Patent runs out for the remaining fiberglass manufacturers.

If you can think it or dream it, San Juan and Pool Pros can build it in fiberglass.

The San Juan Taj Mahal Beach Entry Pool circa 2013

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