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Above Ground Pool Installation by Pool Pros




The Pool Pros story started back in the late 90's. It was the spring of 1997 and Mike Bowers founder and owner of Pool Pros was looking for a summer job to earn some money to pay for college in the fall. Mike was headed to NWTC in Green Bay for a degree in Police Science. Mike's goal at the time was to become a Police Officer. Little did he know that was all about to change.


That all changed quickly when a friend told him of a pool company that was hiring for the summer. Mike met with the owner of a local above-ground pool installation company and was hired on the spot. A few days later would be a pivotal point in his life.

"I will never forget that day as long as I live. We were going to be replacing a pool liner on a 21' round Aqua Leader Concerto Above Ground Pool in Ashwaubenon. When we arrived at the house it was owned by an elderly couple that had their family over to watch the process. The yard and home was beautifully manicured and the pool was in great shape minus a few holes in the faded 10-year-old liner. I could feel the anticipation in the atmosphere. It was electric. I was so excited to learn and to get this job done quickly to keep the excitement of the family going. I had never been in a situation like that where something brought so much joy and anticipation to an entire family. I could feel the excitement in the air as the pool owner's grandchildren scurried around and were anxious for us to complete the liner installation so they could get in the pool and swim on that hot June day".


"Just seeing the excitement on the kid's faces when we were done was worth the experience. The facelift that the new brightly colored pool liner gave the 10-year-old pool was amazing as well. It was fun and exciting to be part of something that got people that excited. I was hooked, and from that point on my life was forever changed. I was now a "Pool Guy" for life".

Our Story

Old School Photos

Pool Pros Big Red Truck
Pool Pros Above Ground Pool Installation in Green Bay WI
Pool Pros Home and Garden Show 2010
Pool Pros Above Ground Pool in Howard
Pool Pros firstf fiberglass pool installation
The Pool Wife
Pool Pros first above ground pool installation
Pool liner replacement in New Franken, WI by Pool Pros

Mike had worked for Tony building above-ground pools for 2 seasons while still attending NWTC in the fall. Mike then moved on to work for a few other pool companies over the next few seasons and expanded his knowledge by working on and servicing inground pools and hot tubs. Mike took everything he learned from those experiences and developed his own set of best practices which turned into the Tundra Loc Above Ground Pool Installation Process. At that time Mike made the choice as a naive 23-year-old with no money, a rusty truck, and a bucket full of hand tools to strike out on his own. In January of 2003, Mike started Pool Pros.

The Fleet

Pool Pros Box Truck
Pool Pros enclosed trailer
Service Truck
Pool Pros Work Truck
Pool Pros 1997 F150
Pool Pros first service van
Pool Pros 2010 F150 Pickup Truck
Pool Pros 2005 F350 Dump Truck
Pool Pros 2022 Job Trailer
Pool Pros 2021 F350 Pool Truck
Pool Pros 2008 F150 Pickup Truck_edited
Pool Pros Big Red Truck

Early on Pool Pros was installing and servicing above ground pools for all the Pool Stores in town. Pool Pros quickly advanced into providing inground pool and hot tub service. Then Pool Pros branched off into building inground vinyl lined pools, gunite pools and then fiberglass in ground pools and pool renovation work.  Pool Pros realized they were spread pretty thin doing a little bit of everything so they refocused their efforts and adopted the hedgehog principal that allowed Pool Pros to focus on their core service which is fiberglass pools and servicing only the pools that they have built over the years. This allowed Pool Pros to create a very efficient and streamlined process to provide their clients with the best fiberglass pools available.

With a passion for pools, grit, and determination Pool Pros grew quickly despite the challenges associated with being a start-up without formal business training, deep pockets, family connections to the pool industry or construction in general. Mike proved his ability to learn quickly, adapt to change, and continue to care for the customer first while steadily growing Pool Pros from a $300.00 company to the company it is today. Pool Pros has gone from a blip on the screen that no one thought would last, to a Pool Company with a reputation that is known nationwide for its commitment to its clients and the pool industry.


Pool Pros transitioned through several shop locations early on as we grew. Early on the Pool Pros crew worked out of Mike's 2 stall garage in Allouez WI. Within weeks he knew this would not last long. Pool Pros outgrew that very quickly and then moved into a lease with Square One Restoration on Bellevue St in Bellevue WI. Pool Pros operated out of that location for a few years. Again Pool Pros outgrew that building and had to lease another unit to keep up. In quick fashion, Pool Pros outgrew both of those units and moved to Pool Pros current location in Howard where they have a large shop, office, design room and outdoor showroom.

Pool Pros Office
Pool Pros Office
The Office
The back 40
Pool Pros Shop
Pool Pros Shop
Pool Pros Shop
One of Pool Pros Shops in Howard
One of Pool Pros Shops in Howard
Home sweet home
Pool Pros 1st Shop @ Square One Storage in Bellevue, WI


Sliding into Pool
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* We shouldn't have to say this but the photos in this gallery are pools built by Pool Pros and do not contain photos taken from other pool builders or pool manufacturers.

Dive into the elegance and style of modern
fiberglass swimming pools.

River Pools D36 Fiberglass Pool by Pool Pros in Freedom, WI_edited.jpg

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  • This website contains an abundance of information that has been created over the last decade or more. Some of the content on this site may reflect prices, perspectives, processes, entities, and names that were relevant at the time but may not be as relevant today. Consumers should consult a Pool Pros associate for the most accurate and updated information based on the unique conditions of their property. Consumers should verify specifications with the installing Pool Pros rather than relying on the information on this website, which is not intended to be a final specification.

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