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Wisconsin's Fiberglass Pool Specialists


Why Fiberglass

Why Fiberglass Pools

​At Pool Pros our goal is not to sell you a fiberglass pool but to show you why we think fiberglass pools are the best investment when it comes to in-ground pool ownership. To do this we revamped our website to make it more educational, quicker, and easier for you to use. At the end of the day, we hope you agree that fiberglass pools are the best type of in-ground pool and that Pool Pros is the right builder for you.

River Pools T40

Why Pool Pros

 River Pools D40 Fiberglass Pool Project Site

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At Pool Pros, we do what we say and say what we mean. With Pool Pros you will get exactly what we promise and nothing less. You will not find any flashy high-pressure salespeople that are trying to force you into a decision you are uncomfortable with. We also don’t use ridiculous pricing or other gimmicks to get our foot in the door either! Our goal is to provide clients with an array of options for their project and allow them to choose what suits them best. We stand behind all of our work and provide outstanding warranties.



Since Pool Pros was founded in January 2003, it was our mission to provide high-quality alternatives to the pool and spa services and products available at that time. As competitors where providing lower and lower quality products to keep prices down, Pool Pros chose the opposite approach. By selling higher quality, longer lasting products we have had happier clients. Resulting in long-term relationships and friendships with our clients. We don’t just want to sell you a pool or spa, we want to be your pool company for life. When Quality Counts, Count on Pool Pros.

World Class Fiberglass Pools

At Pool Pros we are always striving to bring our clients the best in evrything from products to service. That is why we chose to team up with River Pools to offer world class fiberglass swimming pools.  River Pools story is very similar to Pool Pros in that they started out as a builder of fiberglass pools that moved into manufacturing. This gives them a unique insite that no other fiberglass pool manufacturer could hope to have. They have seen the good and bad of all major manufacturers and used that to establish The River Pools Way Method for manufacturing fiberglass pools that set the tone for the rest of the industry. The River Pools Fiberglass Pools is a World Class product with great service to back it. Pool Pros Caught the Wave, will you!

Ready For Pricing?

We aren't going to spam you with emails or call you a thousand times.


Our objective is to understand your wants and needs, then together develop a plan for your backyard and provide you with pricing for your new pool!    


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Why Pool Pros



Pool Pros was the first to build Fiberglass Pools in NE Wisconsin and no one has the experience that Pool Pros does. We have built and worked on all major brands of fiberglass pools. We know the good and bad associated with each. Our experience allows us to quickly address any issues that can arise on a fiberglass pool job site. Pool Pros has even taken over uncompleted fiberglass pool projects that competitors walked away from. Fiberglass pools may seem to be a breeze to build but things can go wrong in a hurry and can be costly to address if not done correctly. This is why the experience Pool Pros has is critical to the success of your pool project. This is what we do. At Pool Pros, we are 100% pools. Pool Pros is not a landscaper that builds a few pools a year to make extra income. Pool Pros is not a fly-by-night builder that never touches the projects they sell. We are full-time, all-time pool builders. Pool Pros does not subcontract your projects. Mike the owner of Pool Pros is on every job site for the entirety of your project. From meeting with you initially to sell you your pool the very final walkthrough where Mike teaches you how to operate and ca care for your pool. 



Not only does Pool Pros have decades of experience in the pool industry, we also have the certifications and education to provide our clients with the best knowledge, best service, and best products available in the industry. Pool Pros staff retains the following Certifications through the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. For a more detailed list of certifications and qualifications please review Pool Pros' resume.

  • Certified Building Professional - 1 of only 3 in the State of Wisconsin  (Masters Degree of Pool Builders)

  • Certified Hot Tub Technician - First ever to receive this title

  • Certified Maintenance Specialist

  • Certified Service Professional

  • Certified Pool and Spa Operator

  • Licensed Wisconsin Contractor

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