• Michael Bowers

Advantages & Disadvantages of Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Its time for a little honest talkabout fiberglass pools. I am about to give you the straight truth about fiberglass pools and it may blow your mind coming from a guy that builds and sells fiberglass pools for a living.

First and foremost, fiberglass pools are not for everyone! You’re probably thinking why would a fiberglass pool builder tell anyone that fiberglass pools aren’t for everybody? Well, because it’s the truth. I don’t sugar coat anything about the pool industry. There are definite draw backs to fiberglass pools, but there are many more reasons why they can suit anybody. Lets get the disdvantages out of the way so we can focus on why you should have a fibgerlass pool.


1: SIZES. The biggest draw back of fiberglass pools is that we are limited by the DOT to pools that are only 16’ wide. This can be a significant drawback if you are looking for a large and wide pool.

2: CUSTOM DESIGNS: Fiberglass pools are limited to the models and the molds the manufacturer has. These molds can be customized slightly but generally speaking what you see is what you get with a fiberglass pool


1: Fiberglass Pools are up to 17 times stronger than concrete pools

2: Fiberglass pools can flex up to 12” without any structural damage.

3: Smooth interior surface

4: Lowest long term cost of ownership versus Concrete or Vinyl Pools

5: Quickest to complete installation. Typically 2-3 weeks from start to finish

6: If you move you can bring your pool with you? Yes we can remove your fiberglass pool shell and move it to your new home.

7: Easiest pool to maintain. 10 – 15 minutes per week to maintain your fiberglass pool.

As you can see Fiberglass Pools have there drawbacks but when compared with the advantages fiberglass pools are the better pool and its over taking the in ground pool market. At a 5 percent market share in 2008 to a 18% market share in 2017, fiberglass pool sales have more than tripled in just under 10 years.

Catch the wave of fiberglass pools ownership and schedule your Pool Pros pool build today.

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