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How much does a fiberglass pool cost in Wisconsin?

How much does a fiberglass pool cost in Northeast, WI.
How much does a fiberglass pool cost in Wisconsin?

How much does a fiberglass pool cost in wisconsin is the number one question we are asked here at Pool Pros and rightfully so. As a pool shopper before you spend a bunch of time diving deeper into the details of a pool project, naturally your first question should be how much does a fiberglass pools cost? At Pool Pros we believe in clarity from the start so we put together a pricing calulator right on our website to make it easy for you to see what our pools cost before you even speak a pool designer. You can test it out here" POOL BUILDER APP


To make the process of getting fiberglass pool costs in Wisconsin as easy as possible, Pool Pros has built our very own price calculator which can be found on just about every page on our website. With Pool Pros price calculator you can select any model fiberglass pool, any size fiberglass pool and then you can choose the equipment packages and coping and decking options. Once you fill out the final form we immediately send you a quote for the items you selected with a pretty wide price range. The reason for the range is that these prices are given site unseen. Meaning we have no idea what your yard looks like, how far from our shop you are located, what type of access there is to your site,etc. The price range we include generally in most cases will cover the cost of installing a pool in our service area. There are times when the price may end up higher but it doesnt happen often. Now that you have our estimate for your pool project and if our pricing is inline with what you have anticipated for your budget, the next step is to set up a time to meet with our in house pool designer at your home to go over the details of your project so we can then dial the price in and provide you with a personalized quote for your specific project. Check out our price calulator here. : PRICING CALCULATOR


At Pool Pros we offer 2 main pool packages our economy and our Premium Pool Package. Each pool package comes with its own unique attributes. Our economy pool package includes a smaller pool heater, smaller filter, smaller variable speed pool pump, fewer lights,etc. It is a bare bones pool equipment package that is enough to get your pool running, clean and warm. It doesnt have all the bells and whistles of our Premium Pool Equipment Package but not every pool needs that. Our Premium Pool Package includes all the bells and whistles you could need for a fiberglass pool. A large filter, a larger heater, upgraded pool pump with built in automation and digital display, ultraviolet sanitizer, pool tiger system, robotic pool cleaner, maintenance kit, etc. Pool Pros can also customize an equipment package specifically to meet your needs.


Now we will break down typical fiberglass pool prices in Wisconsin based on size. Here is what you can typically expect for a fiberglass pool installed with no decking and a basic pool package. For more info on our pool models click here!

12'x24' Rectangle $60,000.00 - $65,000.00

14'x28' Rectangle $65,000.000-$70,000.00

16'x32' Rectangle $75,000.00 - $80,000.00

16'x36' Rectangle $85,000.00 - $90,000.00

16'x40' Rectangle $95,000.00- $100,000.00


Pool deck or pool patio costs in Wisconsin can vary based on the type of finish that you choose. We have found over the last 27 years that the average inground pool has around 600 to 800 square feet of pool deck. So this is a good frame of reference to use when crunching numbers. To help sort it out Pool Pros put together a list of the most common pool deck types and the general cost per square foot for each.

Standard Broom Finished Concrete $14.00 per square foot

Stamped and unsealed concrete $30.00 per square foot

Paver Patio $52.00 per square foot

Natural Stone Patio $75.00 per square foot


There are alot of accessories for your pool that you can add to truly create a unique poolscape. Tanning Ledges, Spillover Spas, Laminars, Bubblers, Magic Bowls, Fire Bowls, Landscape Lighting, Fire Pits, Fire Places, and last but not least, custom colors! Below is a list of common accessories and approximate costs to add to your fiberglass pool project.

LED Bubblers $2,200.00 each

Standard Bubblers $500.00 each

Additional Pool Lights $900.00 each

Spillover Spa $35,000.00 or more based on customization

Tanning Ledge $20,000.00 or more based on size and application

Landscape Lighting $3,500.00 for an 8 light package and transformer

Wood Burning Fire Pit $3,500.00

Wood Burning FirePlace $27,000.00

Laminars $1,800.00 each

Automatic Pool Cover $18-$22,000.00

Loop Loc Safety Cover $3,200-$4,200 for stock rectangular pool covers

Solar Cover w/ Reel $1,500.00-$1,800.00

Custom Gelcoat Color $1,500.00


There are a few other items to consider that your builder may or may not include in their pricing. Check out the list below for other costs to take into consideration when shopping for a fiberglass pool.

Haulout of excavation spoils $3,000.00 or more based on how far the dump site is from your home

Electrical Service $3,600.00 and up based on length of run and access to the basement

Gas Service $3,200.00 or more based on length of run

Site Clean Up $3,900.00 or more based on how much the site was damaged

Landscaping $3,500.00 for touching up planting beds, edging,etc

Pool Fence $10,000.00 or more based on lenght of fence and type

Pool Permit $300.00 generally permits are much cheaper but can vary widely


At the end of the day @ Pool Pros we are seeing fiberglass pools sell for $85,000.00 to $130,000.00 in Wisconsin or more depending on the final design of a project. There is a lot to digest when it comes to shopping for fiberglass pools so be sure to be diligent in your research and vet your potential pool builders adequatley.


If you are ready to dive deeper into the costs to build your fiberglass pool in Wisconsin, call Pool Pros today @ 1-920-771-0107. Our in house pool designers are awaiting your call.

*Disclaimer: These numbers provided in this article are a general frame of reference at the time of writing this article. Actual costs can vary from builder to builder, pool owner to pool owner and will change over time. To get accurate detailed pool prices you will need to contact a pool contractor to schedule a site consultation to eliminate the unforseen variables that may affect that actual cost of your pool. The numbers provided are merely a guideline/reference to help pool shoppers in the beginning stages of their research eforts.


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