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Can a fiberglass pool be moved?

Removal of Fiberglass Pool
Fiberglass Pool Removal

Believe it or not, yes, you can move a fiberglass pool that has already been installed! It takes a bit of work and has to be done very carefully but a fiberglass pool can be removed from one yard and then installed in another yard.

Pool deck removal of a fiberglass pool
Removal of pool deck on a fiberglass pool

These photos show the process beginning with removal of the pool deck around the pool.

Time to lift this fiberglass pool shell out of the ground
Time to get this fiberglass pool out of the ground

At this point the decking has been removed, the water pumped out of the pool and the backfill removed from around the pool.

The next step would be to remove any pool lighting and cut off the plumbing to free the pool from the ground.

Next, the pool is rigged with straps and pulled out fo the ground with an excavator.

Fiberglass Pool Shell removed from its original hole.
Fiberglass Pool Shell removed from ground.

Now that the pool is out of the ground it is prepped to be loaded on a trailer to be brought back to the pool builders yard to have the rest of the fittings and niches removed and the pool throroughly cleaned and detailed to bring it back to its original luster. Once the fiberglass pool shell is cleaned up it is loaded back on a trailer and is ready for delivery to its new home for installation.

Not all fiberglass pools can be re-installed like this and there are many factors that need to be considered before attempting something like this. The biggest concern is how well the pool was originally installed. If the pool was not installed well originally the pool could potentially have structural issues that may lead to problems trying to re-install the pool shell.

Age and brand of a fiberglass pool shell is soemthign to consider as well. Fiberglass pools older than 10 years may have inferior gelcoats and resins used in the original manufacturing process that may make a pool not worth re-installing.

Modern resins and gelcoats are vastly better than ones used 10 plus years ago. Manufacturing processes have been drastically improved as well.

The moral of the story is if you would like to move a fiberglass pool choose one that was installed well initially and one that is 10 years old or newer to avoid some of the issues that plagued fiberglass pools of the past.

The photos used in this article were provided by Brinkmann Pools of Oconomowoc WI. If you are in the Oconomowoc area and are intersted in a fiberglass pool give Brinkmann Pools a call for any of your fiberglass pool needs.

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