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Trends in Fiberglass Pools for 2019

CAD Image of the New San Juan Fiberglass Pool with Round Tanning Ledge

2019 will go down as the year of the tanning ledge as the latest trend in fiberglass pools.

Most major manufacturers are making a big push to bring new models to market featuring the desirable tanning ledge.

A tanning ledge is a shallow area in a pool or spa that is typically from 4-12" deep and is designed as an area for bathers to relax and enjoy the shallow water by laying in the water or relaxing on a Ledge Lounger Style Chair. It gives the user the ultimate in relaxation while still being able to be in the water.

Brandon Miller of Cajun Pools and Spa in Louisianna made the tanning ledge a reality for fiberglass pool owners just a handful of years ago. Brandon came up with the process to add a

gunite tanning ledge to the fiberlgass pool shell itself.

After the tanning ledge for fiberglass pools idea took off, fiberglass manufacturers began to take notice and first came up with the idea of the independant tanning ledge that was not physically part of the pool shells. Then slowly but surely manufacturers began adding the tanning ledges to the shells of the pool making installation much easier and more cost effective.

Flash forward to 2019 and San Juan Fiberglass Pools is launching 6 new fiberglass pool models with tanning ledges. San Juan is also offering the option of extended tanning ledges on the Great Lakes, Lake Superior and the Lake Michigan Model Fiberglass Pools.

The tanning ledge is the big craze for fiberglass pools in 2019 and the near future.

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