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2021 Fiberglass Pool Trends: Pool Color

Fiberglass Pool Color Samples
River Pools Fiberglass Pool Color Samples

2021 is a year of many changes. Fiberglass Pools are no exception. As the 2021 season approaches, we have been noticing a shifting trend in fiberglass pool color choices by new pool owners. For this article, we will break down the shift of fiberglass pool color choices and the hot new colors for 2021.

White Fiberglass Pool Shell
White Fiberglass Pool


When I began building fiberglass pools in the early days, there was only one color to choose from which was white. White is a great pool color, it actually has a slight turquoise tint to it when the water is added to the pool. It was also very easy to repair without noticing it

River Pools L36 in Maya Shimmer Color
Maya Shimmer colored L36 Fiberglass Pool by River Pools


As time passed dark blue colors similar to the River Pools Maya Shimmer Color started being offered. Then slowly but surely other colors became available as well. With almost 12 color options ranging from Sandstone to Midnight Shimmer (black) there was a color for just about anyone. In spite of many color options, the most popular fiberglass pool color for nearly 15 years has been the Maya Shimmer Color. A starkly contrasting deep bright blue colored gel coat. Although called different names from different manufacturers the Maya shimmer color has been the top seller throughout the entire fiberglass industry and has been the standard color most people think of when they think of a fiberglass pool.

River Pools D36 Fiberglass Pool in Sandstone Color Finish
River Pools D36 in Sandstone Color


During one of the most unusual years in history life for most people changed and changed drastically. Homeschooling, masks, social distancing, business closures, and travel restrictions all lead to a huge spike in demand for all things swimming pools. Through this increased demand we began to notice a pretty steady shift in the colors of pools that were being purchased. Instead of the typical Maya Shimmer color, we noticed that people were shifting their choices over to the more neutral colors like Graphite, Granite, Caribean, and Arctic Shimmer.

Graphite Color River Pools D36 Fiberglass Pool
River Pools D36 Fiberglass Pool in Graphite Color


To meet the demand for the new more subtle color choices, River Pools made Arctic Shimmer, Caribean & Granite their new standard colors. This is great news for potential pool owners as the standard colors do not feature an additional cost while other color choices may. These more neutral colors blend better with varying landscaping options and do not have that stark contrast that the Maya Shimmer colors have. I have even had clients go so far as to say the darker blues make the pools look cheap. I myself am a fan of the Graphite/Granite Colors. It appears that long gone are the starkly contrasting blues of the Maya Shimmer style fiberglass pool colors and the more neutral light blues, whites, and granite colors are the solid new trend.

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