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Association of Pool and Spa Professionals Awards of Excellence

You may be asking yourself, why are these awards important? Who really cares? Right! I see the point there. Awards seem overrated to me too, however in this case they are of critical importance as a potential home owner.

These awards indicate that the pool builder can handle pool projects that are of a larger scope or are technically challenging. I think it would help i I first explained how the awards process works.


First a Pool Company needs to be a memeber of the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. This can only be ontained by an application process to obtain membership. There are certain criteria that a company needs to meet ot become a member. I.r, being in business for a minimum of 5 years, have no law suits, and generally having a reputation of a quality builder and business owner. Once that criteria is met membeship is granted.


Now lets get to the awards program. The APSP has the Awards of Excellence Program at the end of each pool season. Any APSP member can submit as many application for as many projects as they like. These projects are then catgorized and judged by a group of industry leading professionals on the following criteria, structural soundness, aesthetics, levelness, quality of patio, and last but not least the pool equipment pad and plumbing.


There are 2 Awards in each category the Gold and the Silver. Gold being the best and Silver being 2nd best. Builders are competing wiht the best projects of other pool companies in a 5 state area, so competition is stiff. In order to recieve an award a project is competing against hundreds of entries from builder throughout the Midwest. These projects are no tyour average run of the mill basic package pools. In order to stand out and to win a project needs to have something that is out of the ordinary, something technically challenging. Something that cannot be done by an inexperienced or average builder.


That is why Pool Pros takes grat pride in the fact that we have been the recipient of the APSP Gold Award every single season since we first entered in 2007. 11 Straight years of awards coming from a small Green Bay market is quite an accomplishment.

Take a look at our Award Photo Gallery below and be sure to ask your potential pool builder to see their Awards as well!

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Green Bay, WI 

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