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Broom Finished Concrete - Pros and Cons

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

San Juan Dolphin Fiberglass Pool with broom finished cantilevered concrete

Broom finished concrete is the most popular concrete finish of all time. It is used in roads, driveways, sidewalks patios, etc.

Its classic timeless look along with its budget-friendly cost lead to the popularity of this finish.


Broom finished concrete gets its name from the application of a broomed texture to the concrete as it is being finished. Once the concrete has been trowelled smooth a large thin broom is used to create a textured finish. This texture is great for around pools or areas that receive water. It is a skid-resistant surface which is ideal for these areas.


Broom Finished Concrete is also very budget-friendly. It comes in at $10.00 per square foot to $11.00 depending on the complexity of the decking and total amount.

The difference between stamped concrete and broom finished concrete cost is amazing. Stamped Concrete runs from $20.00 per square foot to $26.00 per square foot. So you can get almost 2 times more broom finished concrete than stamped concrete.


In the end, it's still concrete and like all concrete guys say! There are only 2 truths in concrete are, it will get hard and it will crack.

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