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Do you install diving boards?

Believe it or not we have never installed a diving board on any pool, ever! Thats right 17 years of being in business and we have never installed a diving board. There are many reasons but the top 2 reasons are!

The pool has to be at least 8' deep and meet the diving envelope requirements established by the PHTA. We have fiberglass pools that meet that requiement but having a pool that depth means about 1/3 of the pool is basically unusable for any water sports. The majority of pool users congregate inthe shallow end. If you are ever at a pool party with a pool that has a diving board or deep end take notice where most people gravitate and thats the shallow end. Leaving a large portion of the pool unused.

Secondly, diving boards are accidents waiting to happen. Take a few minutes to watch this quick video in which Cristian breaks down the reason the diving board is disapearing.

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