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Holy Cripes Pool Pros is Famous!

FAMOUS! .......SEMI FAMOUS! ............... WELL.... NOT REALLY

Pinch me! Am I really alive right now! I truly can't believe what has just happened. River Pools just made Pool Pros famous. I don't know why or how but we made it onto one of the most travelled YouTube pages in the entire pool industry!

River Pools has graced us with adding 4 of our recent fiberglass pool project videos to their Finished Pool Project Videos on their YouTube account. This kind of exposure for such a small company is massively exciting. I cant quite put into words how thrilled we are. We have always been a fan of what River Pools has been doing but to have our fiberglass pool projects featured as part of the River Pools page is nothing short of awesometastic!


I must really be on my way to becoming famous!?! As the notorious Jim Rome says "No Self Glossing", however I just can't help it after this! I never actually glossed myself with this name, it was actually given to me by a friend and colleague Tom Okapal from Bella Blue Pools in Ohio who I finally had the chance to meet in person at the River Pools seminar in Indy last month. Famous Mike is what he called me when we first met and it has stuck. I find it hilarious and in no way am I legit famous but I will continue to use it in the most self deprecating way possible. Life is too short to not have fun and laugh at yourself right!


In all seriousness please check out these videos River Pools put together featuring our pools built right here in Northeast Wisconsin. We are pretty proud of our work and the partnership with River Pools. Head over to our YouTube Page as well for more videos to come and keep your eyes out for sightings of Famous Mike coming up soon!


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