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How soon can you get started?


This is a great question but should not be a determining factor in whom you choose to build your pool. I know how desperatley people want to swim once they have made the decision to buy a pool. However dont let this skew your decision for whom you hire to build your pool. Somethings in life are worth waiting for and a quality contractor with a demand for their services is one.

Pool Pros can typically build a fiberglass pool from start to finish in 2 weeks. Sometimes it is longer, sometimes is takes less time. There are alot of factors that determine this. Most notably the weather. if it is wet and rainy it takes longer to complete a project because of the mess that it makes. We typically see rain or weather delay in the beginning of the season like in 2017 when it seemed to ran every other day until the end of June. We also see more rain in late fall as well. So during those time period s you can expect delays caused by weather. I can promise you this though. If it is wet and raining and your project is not getting done we are not happy either. If we are nto working we are not making money and that is not good for any seasonal business. So trust me when I tell you that no one wants your pool done more than your pool builder does.

The best time to build a pool is June through September. The ground has dried out typically and the weather has stabilized. In order to get on a list for your project to be built for 2018 is to start your research now and select a builder within the next few weeks.

Due to the seasonal nature of pool construction in Wisconsin there are only so many pools that can be built so its better to get on someones schedule now then wait until the last minute and lose out on swimming time.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if a builder can get to your pool within 2-3 weeks there should be alarms going off. A reputable builder should have several pool projects on their schedule, and if they are telling you that they can get to you that quick, that means they do not have a backlog of work. Which means that there is no demand for their service. This should be a huge red flag. If no one else wants there service why would you? There is always the temptation to go with the builder that can get to your project the quickest, but quality builders have a demand for their services. Hence a waiting list. Somethings in life are worth waiting for and that goes for swimming pools just as much as anything else.

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Green Bay, WI 

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