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How to install paver coping on a fiberglass pool

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

As part of our Tundra Loc/ The River Pools Way of best practices for installation of fiberglass pools, We start out the installation of paver coping with a 12" thick by 12" wide beam of concrete. This locks the pool coping and concrete together creating a thick strong base for the pavers to attach.

In these photos, we show how pavers are installed on a fiberglass pool with an automatic pool cover. The concrete beam/collar is poured flush with the top of the automatic pool cover encapsulation creating a solid and flat surface to adhere to the pavers to.

After the concrete is formed and poured it is allowed to cure then the pavers are adhered to the concrete with a strong construction adhesive such as liquid nails, etc.

On this pool, we did a dry joint which means that there is no mortar between individual coping stones. This gives a more modern look to the pool coping.

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