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Pool Pros Now Building San Juan Fiberglass Pools

Northeast Wisconsin’s first fiberglass pool builder teams up with the world’s first fiberglass pool manufacturer, San Juan Fiberglass Pools!


Pool Pros, Wisconsin’s premier fiberglass pool builder, is now building San Juan Fiberglass Pools!

Pool Pros’ Michael Bowers has 20 years in the pool industry, and it was Michael who was the first to recognize the advantages that fiberglass pools have in our climate. Being a pioneer in the swimming pool industry in our neck of the woods, Michael was the first to build fiberglass pools in Northeast Wisconsin over 10 years ago and has since built countless in ground fiberglass pools and spas in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Michael, being somewhat of a fiberglass pool expert in Wisconsin, has built and worked on all major brands of fiberglass pools. It is Michael’s expert opinion that San Juan is the best fiberglass pool on the market right now, and they have been around the longest to boot!

San Juan manufactured the very first fiberglass pool in 1958 and that pool is still sitting pretty today. It is San Juan’s commitment to quality and innovation that mirror Pool Pros own dedication to quality and guided the decision to offer San Juan Fiberglass Pools. With Michael Bowers 20 years in the swimming pool industry combined with San Juans 55+ years producing fiberglass pools, you can be sure you are getting the best when you have Pool Pros build you a San Juan Fiberglass pool.

San Juan offers a wide range of fiberglass pool models to choose from. In fact, San Juan offers more shapes and sizes than any other manufacturer. With over 100 options you should be able to find your perfect pool mate. Fiberglass pools have come a long way since 1958; the options are literally endless: Negative edge, perimeter overflow pools, raised beam, wet bar pools, pool and spa combos, game pools/sport pools, lap pools, swim spas, beach entry, tanning ledges, deep water pools, free-form pools, classic pools, auto cover pools, patio pools, hydrotherapy pools and now above ground fiberglass pools too. If you can imagine it, Pool Pros and San Juan can make it happen! To browse San Juan’s fiberglass pool models head over here and take a look.

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Green Bay, WI 

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