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Pool Service Horror Stories

The picture above encompasses the title of this article a true Pool Service Horror Story. The Raypak Pool Heater above was serviced by a local Green Bay Contractor. The heater required parts replacement that the service contractor had to order. Rather than shut the system down for repair, a jumper wire was installed to keep the heater operating. This lead to the heater catching fire, destroying the heater and melting the PVC plumbing. Good thing there was nothing flammable within a few feet of the heater.

The photo to the right is of a Hayward Universal heater that was installed on a new pool by a

Denmark WI contractor that is no longer in business. This pool heater was leaking and required a new heat exchanger due to there being no check valve in the plumbing to prevent concentrated chlorine from the chlorinator backing up into the heater and corroding the element. Instead of replacing the heating element and a bad o-ring, the contractor sent an employee out to caulk the heat exchanger. They caulked the heater so badly it prevented water from flowing through it. After attempts to get the original contractor to fix the issue of the heater not heating, the homeowner contacted Pool Pros as the Authorized Hayward Service Center. Pool Pros replaced the necessary parts and now the heater works like new.

This Hayward Universal Heater was installed INDOORS, but with no ventilation for the heater. This poses severe safety concerns as they output carbon monoxide as a by-product of burning natural gas. Anyone inside the building is in clear danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. This was installed by a Fox Valley Pool Builder that is no longer in business.

This picture is of a Hayward Above Ground Pool heater that was installed under a pool deck. The reason this is a problem is that the carbon monoxide from the heater is getting trapped under the deck and is slowly leaking out through the deck boards. Anyone laying out and relaxing directly above this heater on the pool deck is in direct jeopardy of carbon monoxide poisoning. It is also a fire hazard.


I use these examples in this articel to express how important it is to hire a professional certified pool and spa service provider for your next service call. Although no one was ultimately hurt from these problems, things could have been drastically worse. In the end all of these clients spent more money hiring a 2nd company to address these issues. If they would have thought it through and hired the right company to start with rather than save what they thought were a few bucks, non of these issues would have happened. Hindsite is always 20/20. When quality counts, count on Pool Pros.

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