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Here are some startling statistics about swimming pool accidents that every pool owner should be made aware of. Keep in mind this isnt to scare anyone out of buying a pool, but lets be honest, pools can be dangerous and it is up to all pool owners to do everything in their power to ensure that their pool is not only a place of enjoyment for all pool users but to make sure that it is a safe environment as well.


Drowning is the 2nd leading cause of death for children from the age 1-14

A drowning can occur in less than 20 seconds and in less than a cup of water

There are nearly 4000 drowning deaths each year in the U.S.


As a parent these numbers scare the heck out of me. I know I am not the only one so with the help of River Pools we came up with a guide to help you minimize the accident risks associated with owning a swimming pool. Here are the ABC to Swimming Pool Safety.


Adult Supervision is the adult supervision of a child in the pool. This supervision is relative to the childs age. The younger the child the closer in proximity you will need to be to properly ensure proper supervision. As a child ages supervision is still critical and especially in the teenage years when kids tend to get more creative and rambunctious.


Floatation devices are great but not a substitute for adult supervision. We recommend consulting with your pediatrician/physician and the United States Coast Guard for proper recommendations of appropriate floatation devices for your child.


If you feel that you don't need to keep your child at arms reach at all times remember that having line of sight to your child is always a great idea. Line of site can be affected by the distance you are from the pool. The distance can create a potential blind spot where you may not be able to see your child. So the best line of site is sitting directly on the edge of the pool so you can keep your child in view with no blind spots.


Keep in mind while pool floats and pool toys are great fun they can be a barrier to line of site which could block the view of a struggling swimmer.


It is also recommended to remove any and all clutter around the pool that may prevent you form getting to someone in need of help quickly. A good rule of thumb is to be able to get to any position around your pool within 10 seconds. So be sure to clear out any barriers that may prevent you form quickly helping those in need.


Barriers or layers of security for your pool can be fences, gates, alarms, automatic pool covers or digital barriers. Ensure that your finished pool project meets local building codes.

FENCES: Check latches and locks on gates frequently to ensure they are working properly. Make sure the gate swings freely and functions as needed.


Make sure that your pool cover works properly and that the switch is placed in a location that allows you complete view of the pool while operating. Keep your pool cover fabric pumped dry as well. A little rain fall on a cover can create a puddle sufficient enough to create the potential for a drowning incident. So keep your pool cover pump on top of the cover when the pool is closed at all times and plugged in. Check your pool cover pump frequently to ensure that it is working properly.


A great option is to have a pool alarm system. CamerEye is a very popular option that is ASTM certified and has different settings. Alarms on doors that lead to the pool area are another good early warning option that will sound an alarm when the door is opened. We dont recomend or promote any specific brand and recomend you do your own research into which alarm system would be best for you.


We highly recommend that every pool owner is at the very least CPR certified. Other ceritifications that pool owners may find usefull would be First Aid and LifeGuarding. Have a plan of action in place should a pool accident occur and make all pool users aware of that plan prior to using the pool. As the old Boy Scout Motto goes "Be Prepared".


At the end of the day we want all pool owners to have fun and enjoy their pool but be prepared and stay vigilante in keeping your pool a safe place for all that get the chance to enjoy it.


The content in this article is provided in part by River Pools. The video and photos in this article are the property of River Pools. River Pools is not an affiliate and Pool Pros was not compensated for writing this article. For more information about the content source please see the source link provided below.



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