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The Best New Fiberglass Pool Models for 2020

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

The Tropic Fiberglass Pool by Sun Fiberglass Pools

Get your sneak peek at all of the newest fiberglass models from every manufacturer for 2020, the year of the tanning ledge! Every major player in the fiberglass pool industry is offering up their own take on the tanning ledge; take a quick look at the newest fiberglass pool models from each of the fiberglass swimming pool manufacturers of 2020.


The latest addition to the Sun Pool product line is the Tropic Fiberglass Pool. This model is 16' wide by 42' long. It features a large tanning ledge with walkout steps and a large seating bench in the shallow end. There is also a full-width seating ledge in the deep end. There is plenty of room to swim and relax in this oversized fiberglass pool.


The latest new mold developed by Imagine Pools is the Exquisite fiberglass pool. This pool features convenient entry and exit steps, a full-length swimming channel for fun or exercise, a full-length seating area, the ability to install custom therapy jets for therapeutic comfort and a tanning ledge in the shallow end corner. This pool is available in 3 different sizes 16'x40', 16'x35', and 16'x30.


Barrier Reef's newest release is the Bondi 40. Named after a popular beach in Sydney Australia, this pool features a full-width tanning ledge and entry steps into the pool. The Bondi also features two generous deep end seating benches and entry/exit points. The Bondi is available in the 40' & 35' length.


The latest addition to the Leisure Fiberglass Pool line is the Summit model. The Summit™ provides both style and comfort. It offers a great depth variety to appeal to all levels of swimmers. Deep end seats and entry and exit steps provide an area for rest & relaxation within the pool. The width allows for more suburban settings and more landscape accommodations. Safety ledge encourages confidence and provides a rest area for kids and less experienced swimmers while also providing additional pool frame strength.

The Summit is available in 2 sizes: 14' x 35 & 14 x 30.


Thursdays' newest models feature the alluring "Beach Entry" with The Grace & Sandal fiberglass pools.


Latham has a few new models coming out this season. The Stargaze and Corinthian models are both being released in 2020. The Stargaze will be available in September and The Corinthian will be available in May 2020. The Corinthian is a rectangular pool that features a generous full-width tanning ledge and steps into the pool. It also offers seating benches in each deep end corner.


San Juan's newest release is the Daytona Beach Series. San Juan Pools took the Stardust Model and added a large round tanning ledge to add to its 2019 release of the Great Lakes fiberglass pool that features a tanning ledge as well. The Daytona Beach, South Beach, Clearwater Beach, and Huntington Beach all have the same design yet slightly different sizes. This adds to San Juan's already impressive selection of over 100 fiberglass models.


River Pools is releasing the all-new M Series Pool this summer. The M Series is available in 3 sizes. 10'x25, 12'x30' and 14'x35'. The M Series Pool Features:

1. TANNING LEDGE: Designed to accommodate a lounge chair, there's plenty of room to kick back and immerse yourself in a good book or catch some rays. 2. TEXTURED POOL STEPS, LEDGE, AND FLOOR: With your safety in mind, the M Series has hand-crafted, non-skid texture integrated into the surfaces of the ledge, steps, and pool floor. 3. OPEN POOL INTERIOR AND SWIM LANE: Looking for space to host a party, play, or swim laps? The open interior and dedicated swim lane offers options throughout a hot summer day and into the evening. 4. SPACIOUS BENCH SEATS: Want to take a break from the action and hang out with some friends? These seating areas are designed to engage everyone in the crowd. 5. AUTOMATIC COVER FRIENDLY: The rectangular design of the M Series allows cover tracks to be hidden beneath the pool coping, protecting them and keeping them out of sight. 6. MULTIPLE ENTRY POINT OPTIONS: The M Series offers options for handrail placement from the end or side of the tanning ledge. It also features multiple entry points while playing and relaxing from the deep end or shallow end.

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