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Trends in Fiberglass Pools - Small Pools

UPDATED: Jan 20, 2018

The San Juan Wylela Fiberglass Pool featuring a Coverpools Automatic Pool Cover System


A trend we have noticed over the last few years is a surge in small sized fiberglass pool sales. There are several advantages to small fiberglass swimming pools. Here is the feedback we received from our clients:

The San Juan Crystal Reef Fiberglass Pool. A Great Small Pool Option.

BUDGET FRIENDLY Smaller pools allow homeowners to spend more on outdoor living spaces and add more features to their pool they may have not been able to afford with a larger pool.

TAKE UP LESS SPACE It frees up green space in the yard for other activities.

Accommodate Smaller Yards: Smaller pools or patio pools, are ideal for small or uniquely shaped yards that could not accommodate a full size pool.

LOWER MAINTENANCE COSTS Smaller pools contain less water. Less water equates to less run time for filters, less chemicals used, lower heating costs, and lower electrical usage.

The San Juan Broadway Fiberglass Pool with negative edge

MORE EFFICIENT Just as your equipment will be working less, you will be too. Smaller pools require less time spent on maintenance.


The Wylela, Lelani, Broadway, Arialla, Biloxi and Sundial from San Juan Fiberglass Pools are a few of our most popular small pool models. *These small fiberglass pools are also great for indoor pools where space is at a premium.

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