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Want to have a Fiberglass Pool by 2021? You might be running out of time.

Are you dreaming of relaxing in a beautiful new fiberglass pool next year? Well, that might not be a possibility!

Due to the overwhelming and record-setting demand industry-wide, builders are seeing backlogs of 1-3 years already. You gotta be kidding me right? If I wasnt seeing it first hand I would not believe it myself. My logic was counterintuitive to this once the Covid Virus struck. The stock market crashed, people were in a panic for a week or two but then the top was blown off the entire pool industry. Demand went to levels it had never been, ever!

The shutdowns and travel restrictions had families confined to their homes and looking for a way to improve their home experience for their families and what better way to do that than with a pool!

At Pool Pros we have close relationships with other pool builders and manufacturers across the country and all have said the same thing. Fiberglass pool projects are through the roof and already booked into 2022 in some cases!

You may be asking, What does this mean for me if I am still shopping for a pool?

To get a pool by 2021, 2022, or 2023 you need to make a move now. In this article we will break down what you can do to get on our schedule as soon as possible and a few things to consider before you buy.

How do I get a fiberglass pool by 2021 or 2022?

The most important thing is to act quickly if you want to have a pool within the next few years. First, you must do some research and ask questions. (We don't recomend rushing into buying a pool without first doing your research and vetting your shortlist of builders and or manufacturers)

Key Questions to Ask:

1: How much experience does this builder have? This is critical. The perceived ease of installation has a lot of unqualified people getting into the industry to take advantage of the record demand. When things go bad, they can go really bad if your builder has no experience and no contacts in the industry. Choose a builder who has seen it all and experienced it and knows how to address the issues that may arise.

2: Who is actually building my pool. Some builders sub out most of the build. (This can lead to headaches)

3: Does the builder also service their pools? Who will take care of you after the project?

4: If they do not have much of a backlog why? Any good builder will have demand for their service and several if not many projects pre-sold. If your builder can get to it quickly that should be a red flag.

5: Installation Process. If they do not use the "The River Pools Way" of installing fiberglass pools you could be in trouble. The "River Pools Way" is now the industry standard, and for good reason.

After these questions are answered, should you choose Pool Pros, this is our quick 3 step process to getting on our schedule.

Pool Pros 3 Step Process:

Step 1: Request Preliminary pricing from your builder.

Step 2: If you are comfortable with the preliminary pricing, request a site consultation with your builder to go over the details of your project and fine-tune the scope and cost of your project.

Step3: If you are comfortable with the final pricing, the next step is to sign a contract and provide a deposit to guarantee your position on the schedule.

From there you will be placed on our schedule, on a first-come, first-served basis. We don't actually begin scheduling projects until the weather breaks in spring and the ground dries out enough for us to get to work. As the season progresses we will be in contact with you, in regard to time frames and progress until we break ground on your project.

All in all, the process can be done very quickly after the initial research has been done and your project gets on a schedule. If you are serious about a 2021/2022 pool, call Pool Pros today to start the process.

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Green Bay, WI 

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