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What color should my automatic pool cover fabric be?

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

You may ask, Why is the color of my automatic pool cover fabric important? The main reason is that for a good part of the pool season your pool will be covered up and you have to look at it. For this reason we decided to go over the pros and cons of color choices and provide insight into trends on cover fabric colors.

For this article we will break the color concepts down to color matching and contrasting.

COLOR MATCHING: This is the most popular design concept for cover fabric colors. As you can see in the photographs of some of our projects at Pool Pros below, the most common color selections are colors that either match, blend or are neutral to the surroundings. A pool camouflage if you will.

PROS: When your pool is covered the color helps disguise the fact that there is a fiberglass pool in your yard. This may help disguise your pool from potential unauthorized swimmers.

CONS: People may not notice the pool at all and stumble onto the cover due to the lack of a distinct color variation between the pool deck and the automatic pool cover fabric.

COLOR CONTRASTING: This theory is the opposite of color matching. This style wants you to know there is a pool there. Dark Blues, Greens and custom colors are available. These color choices are a great option if you have small children. It is a very visible color contrast that will help children recognize the distinct transition from pool deck to pool cover and hopefully help keep them off the cover. You can also color the fabric to mimic the pool water so when it is close/covered it still gives you the feel of relaxing out near the pool. Below are a few contrasting colored automatic pool cover fabric projects. Either style is a great option and both have their pros and cons.

PROS: A contrasting colored automatic pool cover fabric is a vivid contrast from the pool deck giving people near the pool a distinct idea there is a pool and cover there which may prevent people from walking or falling onto the cover unexpectedly.

CONS: Its a bold statement which shows off that you have a pool and may draw interest from unwanted pool users:)

So to answer the question, What color should your automatic pool cover be? The answer ultimately is whatever color best suits your desired outcome. The following are few good questions to ask yourself before making the choice on color.

1:Do you prefer to showcase your pool or prefer to camouflage your pool?

2: What is the interior finish of your fiberglass pool?

3: What is the color of your pool deck?

4: What is the color theme of your landscaping near the pool?

The answers to these 4 questions and quick search of Pinterest for automatic pool covers will likely help get you going in the right direction. At the end of the day no one will know better what color will be best for your automatic pool cover other than you. If you are ready to take that next step for a fiberglass pool with an automatic pool cover contact Pool Pros today at 920-771-0107.

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