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Why should I hire Pool Pros to build my Fiberglass Pool?

This question needs to be asked of any potential builder. I hate to talk myself up or brag but in this instance it's the only way to get the point acrosss as to why Pool Pros is better. I have even attached my personal resume at the bottom of the page for your viewing.

EXPERIENCE: No one in Wisconsin has more experience building fiberglass pool than me (Mike Bowers). I have built most major brands, I know the good and bad of each manufacturer. I know what can and has gone wrong with each major brand of fiberglass pool and better yet, I have the know how and resources to quickly take care of any issue that could arise on the job site. Dont trust your project to a builder that is using your project ot learn the trade. I spent years in the industry honing my skills before starting Pool Pros. I also attend training seminars and network with other builders around the country to expand my knowledge to better provide my clients with the highest quality serive and product. Nothing trumps experience.

INTEGRITY: Is your builder going to be there when a project goes south? More often then not inthe fiberglass pool world a builder will bail and close up shop rather than make the tough choice to stick it out and take care of customer. Pool Pros has had its share of failures, but nor once did we run away from our comittment to our customers. We stand behind our work. That is why we have been able to continually grow each year we have been in business. Being in business as long as we have, we are bound to come across challenging situation, its what you do about it that determines whether or not you are deserving of

COMMITMENT: I (Mike Bowers) as owner of Pool Pros am comitted to you, your family and your project when you make the choice to hire Pool Pros as your builder. Through rain and even snow we will be there and have the resources to be there for any and all of your pool realted needs. We are not a part time pool builder. We are not a home builder that builds pools on the side. We are not a landscaper that builds the occasional pool. We are 100% pool builders. It is in our blood, its who we are. We know nothing else. With Pool Pros you are getting a Pool Company that is 100% committed to providing you with the best fiberglass pool money can buy and all the service you may need to keep that pool looking and working at its peak for the life of your pool.

HONESTY: I will be ther first to admit, I am not a flashy salesman. Actually I am pretty bad. I am blunt and truthful. I am not going to give you a flashy sales presentation to knock your socks off. I am going to be straight with you and give you all the information I have learned from building pools in Wisconsin for the last 20 plus years. I wont promise you the moon and stars because no one can give you that. I wont over sell you on flashy new gimicks either. My goal is to meet with you and to provide you with as much info as possible to make the best decision you can to buy your pool. Often times that doesnt work and I dont sell a pool project and thats ok. I know that in the future there is a good chance that you will call me for pool service or to repair the damage caused by using other builders that promises fell short.

We all know that every builder says the same thing. We are all the best. The best source of opinion is our current pool owners and other industry professionals. Please take a look at our testimonial page for photos and comments on pools we have built in the past and our Awards Winning Projects.

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Green Bay, WI 

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