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Concrete Pools Hidden Costs

The Hidden Costs of Owning A Concrete Pool


Concrete pools have definite advantages over both fiberglass pools and vinyl pools. Namely, the option to make any size, shape or style you can dream up. As far as price, concrete falls in the middle with vinyl being the cheapest and fiberglass being the most expensive. However there are tremendous long term hidden costs associated with concrete pools.

Initial cost for an average 15×30 concrete pool in the Green Bay market is around $32,000.00. A comparably equipped fiberglass pool will cost around $38,000.00.


Now we come to long term expenses. Long term there is nothing required to maintain a fiberglass pool other than

Repairs to tile on a concrete pool

chemicals to maintain water chemistry. Concrete pools however will require tile replacement and resurfacing of the pool every 10-15 years. This may be sooner dependent upon water chemistry. Aggressive water chemistry will deteriorate plaster finish sooner. Pool tile will eventually fall of the pool and require replacing as well.

New plaster will cost between $7,000.00 and $15,000.00 or more depending on the size of the pool. New pool tile installation can cost from $4,000.00 – $8,000.00 or more depending on size of pool and tile selection.

Now lets add $11,000.00 for plaster and $6,000.00 for tile to the initial purchase price of your concrete pool. Now our $32,000.00 concrete pool that seemed like a bargain originally has cost us $49,000.00 over 10 years.

The initial savings of $6,000.00 versus a fiberglass pool is dwarfed by the concrete pool cost and average 10 year repair costs. You will have spent $11,000.00 more on your concrete pool than you would have spent on that comparable fiberglass pool.


As you can see fiberglass pool are best long term investment for pool owners. Fiberglass pools are also easier to maintain and use less chemicals. Once that is factored in you have even greater long term savings. Don’t be fooled by the lower initial purchase price of concrete pools. Always ask for quotes on resurfacing costs and tile replacement costs. Factor in the down time for this repair work, the additional chemicals and labor to maintain your pool to get your true pool cost.

Resurfacing a concrete pool

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