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Above Ground Pool Review: The Evolution Above Ground Pool by Seaspray

So whats the big deal with? The Evolution Above Ground Pool

I have to start out by saying that this is my all time favorite above ground pool. I have built Above Ground Pools for over 20 years and have built thousands of pools and hundreds of different models by dozens of brands and the Evolution Above Ground Pool is hands down the best of all time and here is why. First we have to go over the different types of pools and materials used to manufacture pools and a brief history of the above gorund pool so you can truly get a feel for why the Evolution Pool is truly the best.


I am partial to steel pools. On average, steel pools are stronger and last longer than any resin type pool on the market. In fact the oldest standing above ground pool I ever found was a 32 year old all steel Doughboy Above Ground Pool in Ashwaubenon WI. I was called out to give an estimate on a liner replacement for this pool and when the client said the age of the pool I could not believe it. She then showed me the original sales receipt and I was floored. Good quality heavy gauged steel pools like the Evolution Pool last forever.

However not all steel pools are created equal. As manufacturers strive to keep costs down we see it slowly erode at the quality of the pool and its components. Very few manufacturers still use steel to build their above ground pools due to the higher cost than resin (plastic). So over time the manufacturers that were still using steel went to thinner gauges of steel until they just quit using steel altogher. They then switched to Resin(plastic) as a low cost alternative.

After seeing how resin pools held up in the frozen tundra of the north, Pool Pros vowed to never sell a plastic (resin) pool. We searched for a few years until we found one of the last steel pools that was being manfucaftured to hold up to the brutal winters in Wisco.

That’s the Evolution Above Ground Pool. I am comfortable to to say that this pool will last you 20 plus years if built and maintained correctly. You may get 8 years out of a resin pool in Wisconsin if you are lucky


The Evolution Pool is the heaviest guage steel pool on the market. It has wide 9” steel top rails, embossed curve steel uprights that add strength to the pool. The pool also features a steel top and bottom track with an optional stainless steel skimmer panel.

The Evolution Above Ground Pool also features a resin coating over the steel to help make it extrememly weather resistant. Once assembled this big beefy steel pool is very solid. This is definitely not an entry level pool. This pool is slightly more expensive but you get what you pay for. The Evolution Above Ground Pool will outlast any other above ground pool on the market. This is the above ground pool I would put in my backyard if I could swim.

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