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Biggest new pool owner mistake - POOL PARTY

So, you have done your research, found your pool builder and signed a contract to have your dream pool built. Now what! During this idle time between signing your contract and the time your pool project begins can be very stressful for clients. Once you sign a contract the tendency is to want the pool project completed asap so you can throw a big pool party.


This is where I have to tell all new and potential pool owners to pump the brakes. Far too often clients plan parties for the anticiapted completion date of pool projects. This is the single biggest mistake a pool owner can make and can lead to an unnecessary point of contention between you and your builder. Why? you may ask!


First and foremost the completion date of any outdoor project cannot be garaunteed. While builders do whatever they can to stay on schedule, Mother Nature does not always allow for it. Wet, muddy conditions can put a halt to a project in a hurry. Working in the rain can not only be dangerous but it can destroy your pool site too! Leading to more costs to repair. It can also reak havoc on tools and equipment. Don't forget about the workers too.


The Wisconsin weather is pretty predictable, early spring it rains alot typically through mid May.

Rain day on a Fiberglass Pool site in Allouez, WI

June through Septemeber are the best times to build as the weather has stabilized and we recieve less rain. The ground is typically nice and dry and less damage is done to pool sites, in turn keeping costs down. October and Novemeber the rain sets back in and can be pretty wet. From the end of November until Late March Mother Nature puts an end to building altogether. In spring and fall it is not uncommon to experience project delays due to weather.


As much as you may want your pool project completed, as a builder I want it completed more. For everyday we have to push a project back due to weather, you as a pool owner might be losing swim time, but us as builders are losing thousands of dollars in an already short pool season in Wisconsin.


So while it is easy to pass the time before your project starts by planning pool parties, we just

have to say DON'T DO IT! It can become a point of contention between you and your builder. One that is of no fault of anyone. Pool Builders can't control the weather and they certainly dont want to fall behind on any project, let alone let down a client by delaying a project. As a builder certain things are out of our control.


While you may be super excited for your new pool project to be completed, resist the urge to plan your first big pool party until your project is completed.

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Green Bay, WI 

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