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Taking the Guess work out of Pool Chemistry

The biggest hurdle for new pool owners to get over initially is the concept of water chemistry. It can seem overwhelming or daunting to say the least.

It is the number one reason we get call backs from clients and it is understandable. It is hard to relay 20 years of pool treating experience into a few hours spent at the pool when we have completed the project and are going through the process of teaching the ins and outs of pool ownership to new pool owners.

Pool Pros had found a solution that will make all pool owners lives a little bit easier. Starting in 2019 water chemistry issues will all be a thing of the past. Pool Pros is now equipping all of our pools with the pHin smart water solution. This system autmatically tests your water every 10 minutes and provides an update to you via wifi. This can be sent to your phone , tablet, desktop etc.

The best part of this ingenious system is that it tells you exactly what type of chemicals and what amount of chemical you need to add to your pool to bring the pool and or spa back into balance.

Worrying about water chemistry is now a thing of the past with Pool Pros and pHin. For more information visit


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Green Bay, WI 

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