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Above Ground Pool Installations - Just say no to patio blocks

As you can see in the photo, this above ground pool was installed using patio blocks under the uprights. After one year it sustained damage to the pool wall. If this was left un treated in a few years it would destroy the pool. While this is a mild case, it shows just how hard the use of patio blocks are on pools in climates that experience frost.

Even though the pool may have a warranty, the manufacturer will not cover this kind of damage. Your pool installer won't likely take care of this type of repair either, let alone return your phone call.

If you are thinking that your home owners insurance might cover this repair, you are wrong again. The cost for this repair is squarely on the pool owner. The worst part is that this is completley avoidable. By hiring a quality pool company that sells, installs and services above ground pools this situtation could have been avoided.

This is such a prevalent problem in Northeast Wisconsin that Pool Pros has designed a pool package strictly for replacing above ground pools that have been damaged due to the use of patio blocks during installation by our competitors. Our "Pool Only Package" is a deeply discounted pool package that allows pool owners to replace the pool, liner, skimmer and pool cove only, along with Pool Pros Tundra Loc Installation so the same problem doesnt happen again. Don't take my word for it, take a look for yourself.

Pool Pros Tundra Loc Installation System does not use patio blocks in any portion of our above ground pool installations. Eliminating this type of damage entirely.

Dont make the mistake of trying to save a few hundred on installation only to have ti come back and bite you later by costing you thousands in repairs. Choose Pool Pros first and avoid the headaches down the road. When Quality Counts, Count on Pool Pros.

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