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Above Ground Pool Step Options


The one and only pool step I would recomend in an above gorund pool is the King Step by Merlin. It is a one piece step which has no chance of failure. Most other steps on the market have dozens

of pieces and screws to assemble furthering the chance of a failure. It also comes in a granite blue that matches most pool liner when installed.


The other options we recomend are the Confer A- Frame Ladder.

This is a grat option if you are not going to build a deck for your pool right away and still want to

use the pool. It has a locking tread system on the outside so that when you dont want anyone to have access to the pool you can fold the treads up and lock then in place preventing anyone from accessing the pool.


This is the ladder that comes standard with all of Pool Pros above ground pools. This ladder mounts directly to your pool deck for easy in and out access.

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