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Automatic Pool Cover Tips

These are a few of the most important tips for new pool owners that have an automatic pool cover.

1: Don't operate a waterfall with your pool covered. I know this sounds like common sense but we still get several service calls per year to repair covers like the one above that have been flooded by a water fall.

2: Dont use your automatic pool cover as a winter cover. This will cut down on wear and tear of you cover fabric and prevent damage to it. If you do use your automatic pool cover as a winter cover, then you absolutely cannot lower the water level in your pool. The cover fabric is supported by the water and if you lower it and then get a snow load or water on top it will damage your pool cover. If you use your automatic pool cover as a winter cover we recomend using skimmer plug like the one pictured to the right. This allows you to winterize your pool without lower the water level.

3: Stop your automatic pool cover a few feet short of the end of the pool when closing. Your cover will built up quite a bit of momentum and if you allow the cover to slam into the end of the pool everytime you operate it, it will wear out prematurely. I recomend stopping it a few feet short to stop the momentum then close the remaining distances slowly. This will help extend the life of your system. The same can be said for opening the cover as well.

4: Keep a cover pump on top of your fabric all the time. The cleaner you can keep your cover the longer it will last. This starts with keeping your cover pump on the cover after every use. When rain accumuates on top of your cover the pump automatically pumps it off. By doing this it will also cut down on staining caused by stagnangt water and leaves,etc sitting on top of you cover. It also speeds up the aibility to use your pool. If you wait to pump the cover until you want to use the pool it may a few hours in some cases to pump the water off. Keep the cover pump on at all times to avoid this.

5: Dont operate the cover with excessive water on top. If you do it puts tremendous stress on your system. If you do this consistently it will lead to premature wear.

6: Uncover your pool at for at least one full day per week. This is to allow the pool to gas off or release chemicals to the air. If you dont, you may get a build of of chlorine under the cover that can lead to premature wear on the automatic pool cover as well.

If you follow these basic tips it will extend the usable life of your automatic pool cover and reduce any associated maintenance costs.

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