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Best Pool Cleaners for 2018

Haywards latest addition to its growing stable of pool cleaners is the Aqua Vac 500.

The Aqua Vac 500 features a sleek low profile modern design with wheels designed to navigate VGB Drain Covers with ease.

With two scrubbing brushes and four wheels the Aqua Vac 500 navigates virtually any obstacles, pool surfaces and easily climb walls. Its brushes loosen dirt, debris and algae for easy pickup in the large cartridge compartment.

The top-access debris container & removable cartridge elements makes cleanup easy. Integrated Recurring Timer allows you to choose cleaning frequencies from a one-time clean to every 24, 48 or 72 hours.

Out-of-water sensor protects the motor by preventing cleaners from running out of the water.

Beach-entry sensor reverses direction when pool cleaner starts climbing out of the water

All of these great functions while using 94% less energy than other cleaners.

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