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Building your Above Ground Pool

Pool Pros Tundra Loc Above Ground Pool Installation System was developed over 20 years of building, repairing and servicing Above Ground Swimming Pools in the Frozen Tundra of Green Bay Wisconsin. Throughout that time I have seen first hand what the harsh winters can do do above ground pools. Pool Pros has developed a solid process with solid results.

1: The Tundra Loc Above Ground Pool Installation System is a 7 part system that starts with a solid foundation. This starts out with excavation. the single most important part of our process. At Pool Pros we excavate our pools and hand tune the base to a 1/8″ tolerance on virgin soil.

2: Our pool tracks are placed on virgin soil and rounded using composite rods to keep the pool track in place while assembling the pool. This gives our pools the most solid foundation possible. We DO NOT use patio blocks under any portion of our pools. This is a common mistake, made by low cost or inexperienced installers. In the unforgiving winters of the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, these patio blocks will be heaved out of the ground when the frost sets in. Thus damaging your pool.Which can lead to costly repairs. (link to patio block blog)

3: Our next step is to place screened mason sand(provided by Pool Pros) in the center of the pool bottom track. (not under).

4: After the sand is placed and is roughly raked out we begin assembling the pool. As we unroll the pool wall we add top stabilizer bars, uprights and top caps. This gives the pool the strength needed to stay standing while the pool is completed. We also use strategically placed stakes and bungee cords to add more strength to the pool during installation

5: After the pool is assembled, and cove is installed, we rake the sand one last time to uniform thickness. We then dampen the sand with a garden hose and use a plate compactor to compact the sand base. After the compactor is removed from the pool, we hand trowel the entire bottom to give the pool a complete smooth finish.

6: At this point we begin installing the liner. This is done entirely from outside the pool. We have a special technique that allows the wrinkles to be pulled out via a specialized vacuum and specialized liner broom. Using this method we never have to enter the pool once it has been trowelled.

7: Now we begin filling the pool from clients source, assemble the pump and filter equipment and load tools and equipment onto the tuck.


This graphic below shows a cut a way of an above ground pool built with the Tundra Loc system and a cutaway of the system that most low cost installers use. Be sure to review our blog that shows what happens to pools that are built with patio blocks in this climate. Also take a look at our slide show of our installation process.

As you can see the Tundra Loc Above Ground Pool Installation System exceeds what is provided by competitors and exceeds what is known as the industry standard for Above Ground Pool Installation. The Tundra Loc 7 Part Installation System does take longer to complete then other methods, so it does carry a higher price tag than our competitors, but with this process your pool will be built to withstand the harsh winter climate of the Frozen Tundra and give you many years of trouble free use. It will also be built by the only APSP Certified Building Professional that builds Above Ground Pools.

We also offer our exclusive Tundra Shield Pool Insulation to protect your pool from heat loss by up to 80%. (link to tundra shield blog)

When you are looking for a Quality Above Ground Pool and a Quality Above Ground Pool Builder, look no further than Pool Pros. When Quality Counts, Count on Pool Pros.

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Green Bay, WI 

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