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Do Fiberglass Pools ever fail?

Fiberglass Pool Failure

Great question and the answer is YES. Why would a fiberglass pool builder admit to this, you may ask. Well, it's the honest truth. For every beautifully built and landscaped fiberglass pool there is a fiberglass pool that needs some help.

The number one reason for fiberglass pool failures is poor installation practices. This typically stems from lack of experience and knowledge of pool building in general.

Fiberglass pools percieved ease of installation often draws inexperienced people to the industry that think they will make a fortune building fiberglass pools. More often than not this lack of industry experience and knowledge comes back to haunt them. That is the reason why so many fiberglass builders last 2-3 years then close thier doors.

First and foremost fiberglass pools have their challanges and if you are not a seasoned pool builder a fiberglass pool project can go sideways on you in a hurry. If corners are cut to keep cost down it will show. There are no hiding mistakes made with fiberglass pools.

Our home area that we cover in Northeast WI has fallen prey to the build and bail fiberglass pool contractors for years. The gallery below shows what happens when you hire an inexperience fiberglass pool builder. The worse part is the manufacturer will not cover the damages as these are all caused by improper installation techniques.

Please take time to read my review on local pool builders and how not all fiberglass pool builders are created equally.

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