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Do Fiberglass Pools Float?

It is taboo for a fiberglass pool builder to discuss flaoting fiberglass pools but its time to have an honest discussion about floating pools and what causes it. It's time to dispell the myths and get to the cold hard facts.


Then answer is, YES. Fiberglass Pools can 100% float. However, believe it or not concrete pools and vinyl pools float as well. Floating is not exclusive to any type of pool or anything that is in the ground for that matter.


Hydrostatic Pressure in the ground under and around a pool determines if a pool will float or stay in the ground. This is a concern for any pool no matter where it is built. Most experienced builders know how to combat Hydrostatic Pressure before it ever becomes an issue. BTW, Hydrostatic Pressure is the pressure exerted on an object (pool) by ground water. Once the ground water reaches a level that is higher than the water level in the pool it increases the odds that the pool will heave or "float" out of the ground.


Floating can be prevented in several ways. The most common methods of mitigating hydrostatic pressure for concrete pool is with the use of a hydrstatic relief valve in the main drains of the pool floor. This system allows the ground water to flow into the pool once it reaches a certain pressure. It's typically a 2" or 1 1/2" fitting to relieve ground water.

With a fiberglass pool it is a little different. Pool Pros designed the Tundra Loc System that helps eleiviate this issue as well. With our Tundra Loc Installation System we use clean stone as a base under our pools and as backfill up the sides of the pool as well. We also install an 8" Sump Pipe that goes 2' below the bottom of the pool and is finished off on the pool deck with a skimmer lid. This pipe and the use of gravel act as a super sized Hydrostatic Relief Valve that is 4 times as efficient at removing pressure as the system

used in concrete pools. It also allows us access to

remove ground water from around the pool by using a submersible pump if the pool ever needs to be drained for service.

At Pool Pros we always recomend consulting a professional before emptying or lowering the water level in your pool. The original builder should be your first resource as they have the advantage of knowing what is going on under your pool. Dont risk the chance of your pool floating. Call a professional first.

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