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Do I Need a Safety Cover for my Fiberglass Pool?

Yes, Yes, Yes,Yes, Yes. Every in ground swimming pool needs a safety cover.

The specific brand is debatable, but every in ground pool should have a safety style cover. Like the pool pictured above with a Loop Loc Safety Cover, they are very safe. Pool Pros sells only Loop Loc Safety Covers because of the quality, durability, strength and warranty. There are lower cost options available but not with the quality of a Loop Loc Cover.


1: Safety: The Loop Loc brand safety cover is so strong it can support the weight of an elephant. Children, pets and grown adults can safely walk on the cover without getting wet.

2: Clean: A Loop Loc Safety Cover is mesh, so it filters out all the leaves and debris and keeps it on top of the pool while the watr drains down into your pool. This allows your pool to be crystal clear at spring opening.

3: Ease of Use: The Loop Loc Safety Cover is easy to install and remove when compared to the tarp style cover.

4: Protects Automatic Pool Covers: By using a safety cover it reduces wear and tear and potential damage to a pool owners auto cover.


1: Cost: Good quality safety covers like Loop Loc are pricey. Depending on the size and shape of your pool, you can get a stock cover or if you have a free form pool that requires a custom made cover it can cost over $3,500.00 for the cover alone. Installation can add another $600.00 and up depending on complication of installation.

2: Weight: Safety Covers can be bulky and heavy depending on the size of the pool. It may require multiple people to remove in spring and install for winter.

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