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Do I need a fence for my pool?


In most cities it is required that if your pool is 52" or higher than the ground around your pool, than you won't need pool fence for above ground pools. The pool featured above was required to have fencing on half the pool because a portion of the bottom of the pool was in the ground slightly on one side.


When it comes to in ground pools generally speaking, you typically need a fence either around the pool or the entire yard. If you have an automatic pool cover for your in ground pool you may not

need a fence in certain areas. Which makes sense. If you have a pool with a fence someone could still jump your fence and go swim in your pool. However if you have an automatic pool cover, when the pool is covered no one can gain access to your pool.

The fiberglass pool to the right that we built in Ledgeview a few years ago was not required to have a pool fence at all as long as it had an automatic pool cover, which it did.

So, I would recomend contacting your local building inspector for swimming pool guidllines in your area for more information.

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Green Bay, WI 

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