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Fiberglass Pool Manufacturer Review: Latham Pools

Updated: Jan 27, 2022


Latham Pools is the largest fiberglass pool manufacturer in the world. It’s also, as of this writing, the only publicly-traded fiberglass pool manufacturer in the world, having gone public in April 2021 under the ticker (what else?) SWIM.

The company, now worth nearly $3 billion on public markets, boasts a nationwide distribution network of over 250 U.S.-based “Latham Grand” dealers served by a network of 32 manufacturing facilities.

  • Founded (years in service): 1956 (65 years)

  • Headquarters: Latham, NY

  • U.S. service range: 47 U.S. states

  • Total authorized U.S. installers: 250+

  • Smallest standalone FG pool model: 10’ x 16’ (Milan)

  • Largest standalone FG pool model: 16’ 40’ (various)

  • Price range (standard FG install): $35,000 - $100,000

  • Total number of FG pool models: 52

  • FG pools sold/installed annually (U.S.): 8,700

Latham Pool Products is the leading manufacturer of fiberglass and inground vinyl liner residential swimming pools and components, including automatic pool covers, and solid, and mesh safety covers, in North America. Homeowners from coast to coast enjoy the full benefits of pool ownership thanks to innovative Latham products. And the pool and spa professionals from coast to coast partner with Latham to enjoy the full benefits of our broad product lines, best-in-class quality, and industry-leading support.


Latham Pools is a growing and aggressive company that has been swallowing up businesses throughout the swimming pool industry. Latham Pools has purchased Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools, Viking Fiberglass Pools, Trilogy Fiberglass Pools, Pacific Pools, Coverstar Automatic Pool Covers, and Pool Cover Specialists, and more to place itself at the top as the industries largest fiberglass manufacturers with plants throughout the United States.


Latham Pools Fiberglass Pools are famous for their Crystitie Fiberglass Pool Finishes that are available in 2 collections. The Crystal Crystite Collection and the Crystite Classic Collection.


Latham Pools' best-selling models range from the Corinthian 16 to the ever-popular Gemini Model Fiberglass Pools.


Latham Pools boasts 11 fiberglass pool manufacturing plants scattered across the United States from California to Ontario Canada

Latham Pool Fiberglass Pool Manufactuing Plant Locations
Latham Pools Fiberglass Pool Manufacturing Plants


Below is the pdf version of Latham Pools Limited Lifetime Warranty

2021 Latham Fiberglass Warranty US_051321[1]
Download PDF • 85KB



The content in this article was provided in part by the River Pools and Spas website. The photos and video used in this article are the property of Latham Pools. River Pools and Latham Pools are not affiliates and Pool Pros was not compensated for writing this article. See the source link below for more info.




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