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Fiberglass Pool Manufacturer Review: Thursday Pools

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Thursday Pools Logo
Thursday Pools Logo

The Thursday/ River Pools Super Plant in Indiana
Thursday Pools Manufacturing Plant in Indiana


Within the last 10 years Thursday Pools really stepped on the scene in the swimming pool industry and made a big mark. Thursday Pools started out as a smaller fiberglass pool manufacturer based in Fortville Indiana. Things really took off when they partnered up with River Pools in 2016 to manufacture The River Pools Models. This collaboration really put them on the map. Thursday Pools has been seemingly in a continuous expansion mode ever since. Last we checked in with Thursday Pools they had tripled the size of the manufacturing plant and have steadily been taking ground from competitors in the Fiberglass Pool Industry. Bill and Ed (owners of Thursday Pools) are driven by innovation and have created some of the best new features for fiberglass pools since the year 2000. The Beach Entry Fiberglass Pool, The Sunken Living Room Pool, The Backfill Eliminator, The Geo Anchoring System, The Lucky Seven Skimmer and the Double O7 Skimmer to name a few.

  • Founded (years in service): 35+ years (not confirmed)

  • Headquarters: Fortville, IN

  • U.S. service range: 48 U.S. states

  • Total authorized U.S. installers: UNKNOWN

  • Smallest standalone FG pool model: 9’ x 9’ (Wading Pool)

  • Largest standalone FG pool model: 16’ 42’ (Goliath)

  • Price range (standard FG install): $40,000 - $60,000

  • Total number of FG pool models: 34

  • FG pools sold/installed annually (U.S.): UNKNOWN

Full disclosure: Thursday Pools is a partner company of River Pools. Both River Pools fiberglass pool shells and Thursday Pools shells are manufactured in the same state-of-the-art facility in Indiana, the “Super Plant,” where Thursday has been based for over 35 years.

Thursday’s facility is claimed to be the only fiberglass pool shell manufacturing plant in the country (or possibly the world) to meet both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification standards for certain stringent quality and environmental controls. Thursday Pools also touts its nine-layer manufacturing process and its exclusive fiberglass-first skimmers.

Thursday’s mini-sized Wading Pool model could technically be classified as a spa, but its jumbo Goliath model tips the scales at nearly 42 feet long. There are Thursday Pools models in a few unique shapes as well, like the clamshell-style Pearl model, which looks like a great fit for palm-lined backyards near beaches.


Thursday Pools also offers a limited lifetime structural warranty and a 15-year surface warranty against osmotic blisters. Thursday Pools Limited Lifetime Warranty in a PDF File for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday Pools Warranty
Download PDF • 265KB

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