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Fiberglass Pool Review: The Cortona Fiberglass Pool from Thursday Pools

Thursday Pools has done it again. They are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to fiberglass pools. They have reinvented the skimmer for fiberglass pools twice in the last few years and invented the first legitimate beach entry fiberglass pool. Thursday Pools may have just topped it with the "Sunken Living Room" feature of the Cortona Model.


The Cortona pool was recently featured in our post " The Funkiest Fiberglass Pool Models of All Time". This pool puts the fun in funky. It is unlike anything created in the fiberglass pool world.


At the surface this may look like a normal Roman Style Pool but look a little closer and you will see its a truly unique fiberglass pool. This pool has the ability to have an integrated living room, swim up bar or spa! No one can cover it better than Thursdays so here is what Thursdays has to say about their new pool features.


With the sunken living area fiberglass pool, you don’t get just a pool, you get so much more! You can choose a sunken living area that creates resort-like experiences like a swim-up bar, a conversation or dining area, or a putting green for the ultimate in entertainment. If your yard is big, you have even more room for other landscaping features. If your yard is not so big, it’s a creative way to incorporate a lot of options in a small space.


Obviously, we’re not looking for a Daytona Spring Break experience here, but something that responsible adults can enjoy with a group of close friends or neighbors. Your own swim-up bar may remind you of that great honeymoon from years ago or that all-inclusive get-away that came at just the right time in your life. Thursday Pools does not advocate or encourage the excessive use of alcoholic beverages while enjoying your pool. Please drink responsibly and with moderation.


At Thursday Pools, we always try to give our customers something to talk about. For those of you in the cooler northern climates like Michigan and Wisconsin, you might enjoy turning your sunken living area into a bubbly spa to keep you warm on those cool summer evenings. Whether you’re in a northern or southern state, we can all agree nothing beats the relaxing feel of a spa jet on your back after a long day’s work.


The Cortona is available in the same 7 colors as the rest of the Thursday Pool line. Caribbean Sparkle, Maya, California, Sandstone, Diamond, Graphite & Pearl


The images and video in this article are the property of Thursday Pools. The content for the article was provided in part by Thursday Pools. For more info see the source link below. Thursday Pools is not an affiliate and Pool Pros was not compensated for writing this article.




Green Bay, WI 

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