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The Funkiest Fiberglass Pool Models of All Time

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

I'll start off by saying this is a complete opinion piece. It's not meant to offend or insult the designer or manufacturer of these pools. Quite the contrary. I love weird and unique things and to me, these are definitely not ordinary pools and that needs to be celebrated. So let's take time to dive into the funkiest fiberglass pools I could find.


The idea for this article came to me during my annual offseason research of our competitors and manufacturers. I was browsing through all of the major fiberglass pool manufacturers' sites and something hit me. I was like man oh man there are some really unique and funky fiberglass pool models out there. Granted these are not pools I would want for my house but these fiberglass pools are so out of the ordinary that I thought they needed to be talked about.


What do you mean by Funky? For me and the purpose of this article, I look at funky as something unique, unorthodox, out of the ordinary. Not funky like a smelly garbage can or dirty gym socks. Funky as in good funky. The pools we review are not in any specific order. We would like your input too. Which of these pools is the funkiest of them all let us know in the comments below.


The first funky fiberglass pool is practically a new model from Thursday Pools called the Cortona. I believe Thursday Pools just launched this fiberglass pool in 2020. It's a classic roman shaped pool, but that's where anything classic about this pool begins and ends. That is because the Cortona has a built-in or as Thursdays call it a sunken living room. This has to be the first sunken living room fiberglass pool I have ever seen. Thursday Pools also offer this pool with a bar, putting green, spa, or tanning ledge that is out of the water. All in all this pool is pretty crazy and is pushing the limits for fiberglass pools. For me, this is the pool I would most like for myself and the funkiest pool I can see actually selling enough of to make it a sustainable production model. Check it out for yourself at Thursday Pools Website.


While the Thursday Pools Cortana Model is a funky pool nothing compares to the Tallman Pools Key Largo Model Fiberglass Pool. To me, this pool takes the cake. I think this is one of the weirdest shaped fiberglass pools ever made. The Key Largo model may be classified as a free form L Shape Pool I guess! I am honestly not sure. Its just so weird that I kind of love it. The Key Largo pool features a large flat shallow area that transitions to the deep end where there is a bench seat. The Key Largo also has a tabletop with bench seating. It does have a wide set of entry steps in and out of the L Shape of the shallow end. Kudos to the creative mind that came up with this strange beauty. The more I look at the Tallman Key Largo Fiberglass Pool Model the more I appreciate it for its uniqueness. Sometimes breaking the mold needs to be done and this pool certainly does it. To me this pool is the Funkiest of them all. We still have a few more to get yet so hold on.


Tallman Pools has another unusual fiberglass pool I found worthy of the title funky pool. The Martinique Fiberglass Pool is another funky fiberglass pool but a little less funky than the Key Largo. The Matinique is a flat bottom pool that has the feel of a swim spa or patio pool. at 17' feet long you won't be doing laps in this pool but the seating bench along the side could be tricked out with therapy jets to create a hot tub/spa type of feel. The pool also features a built-in table as well. This pool could be great for a small yard. Funky but not quite funky enough.


Alaglass Pools steps to the plate with a funky fiberglass pool of their own with this unique model. The Oasis Fiberglass Pool is a small pool by definition but it packs a lot of unique features into that small space. There is a unique bump-out bench in the deep end and a unique 1/4 round corner in the shallow end that would be a great place for a tabletop if you can find one. This is another unique fiberglass pool that is unique enough to be a funky fiberglass pool. Take a closer look at the Alaglass Oasis Fiberglass Pool here.


To round out the list of funkiest fiberglass pools we present to the Oasis Fiberglass Pool. While I was unable to obtain photos of the actual pool we do have a drawing from the Hatteras website. This funky fiberglass pool seems to be a hybrid lap pool/swim spa. Its unique bump-out seating ledges on the corners and flat bottom design give this pool a unique look not commonly found in the fiberglass world.Funky Fiberglass Pool and a funky name too> I wonder what an Ocracoke is? Definitely funky enough to make this list. Well done Hatteras.

Thank you for reading and if you can find a funky fiberglass pool that we missed please send us what you have we would be happy to add it .

* Photos and images in this blog are property of Thursday Pools, Tallman Pools,Alglass Pools and Hatteras Pools. See sources below for more info. Manufacturers featured in this article are not affiliates and Pool Pros has received no compensation for writing this article.





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