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Why is the River Pools R Series our Best Selling Pool?

Why is the River Pools R Series our best-selling Fiberglass Pool?

We at Pool Pros have noticed a trend in the models that we have been selling over the last few years and that is that the R Series Fiberglass Pool has dominated all of our other fiberglass pool models and it's not even close. This is great news because it is also our favorite to install.


We have polled our pool owners and the reason for the R Series popularity seems to be twofold. The first is Value. Value can be subjective but we found that most people like the R Series because it gives them the most usable space or swim space out of any of the models. The R Series is a large wide-open rectanglular fiberglass pool that features a full-width seating ledge. This pool is not encumbered by a tanning ledge or attached spa that will eat into the usable space in the pool. So when you break down cost versus usable swim area. The R Series is the best bang for your buck.


We love the R Series because it is the quickest River Pools Model to install. We can wrap this pool up at least 1 day sooner than the D Series, L Series, I Series, and the C Series simply because it does not have a tanning ledge. There are fewer steps involved with installing the R Series, so we can get our clients swimming much quicker. The shape also helps with the delivery of the pools shells. The R Series' open interior makes it conducive to stacking other models inside. This can't be said for the L Series, C Series, I Series, and D Series. We also love the full-width seating bench that allows up to 6 or 7 adult-sized people to relax while the kids splash around and play in the pool.



Green Bay, WI 

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