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Fiberglass Pool Review: The Wellspring Fiberglass Pool from Thursday Pools


A Freeform Pool With Extra Personality

Curvy and vivacious living starts here. The freeform Wellspring fiberglass pool from Thursdays Pools is everyone’s go-to spot for good times. It’s the perfect size and shape for an accessory like a pool slide. So much fun! Take a look at the unique features of this fiberglass pool design.

THE SUN SHELF - An 8 ' round sun shelf is a great alternative to a tanning ledge. The Sun Shelf is large enough to fit 2 ledge loungers with a little room to spare.

WRAP AROUND BENCH - The wrap-around bench is positioned right off the sun shelf to give swimmers a spot to rest or have a chat.

INTEGRATED ENTRY STEPS - Easy in and easy out with the integrated shallow end steps

DEEP END BENCH - Relax and watch the memories unfold: everyone’s in a sunny mood when the Wellspring fiberglass pool is on the scene.

SIZE RANGE - The Wellspring Model Fiberglass Pool is available in 2 sizes. 16'x40' with a 5'10" maximum depth and the 16'x36' also with a 5'10" maximum depth.

Hopefully, this gives you a great overview of the Thursday Pools Wellspring Fiberglass Pool. Although we don't offer Thursday Pools please take a look at our River Pools Brand Fiberglass Pools and if you are ready to take the plunge call us at 920-771-0107 today to set up your design consultation.


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Green Bay, WI 

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