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Fiberglass Pools, How They're Made, Part 1 The Mold.

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Mold of a fiberglass pool
Fiberglass Pool Mold

The single most important factor for a successful pool project in your eyes is the pool shell of course but to us here at River Pools it's actually the mold! - Cristian Shirilla

In this article, we are gonna go over the 3 most critical elements in regards to the pool mold.

1: The mold needs to be true and level: Creating a true and level mold allows for each and every pool shell that comes off that mold to be true and level as well.

2: The mold needs to be properly reinforced with steel: Fiberglass pool molds undergo a lot of stress while the pool is produced. Varying temps during the curing process require a steel support system that will hold up to that stress and movement of the mold throughout the plant.

3: The mold surface needs to be incredibly smooth and well maintained: The pool mold surface needs to remain smooth and clean at all times. This requires cleaning and maintenance between each fiberglass pool that is produced on the mold. This maintenance allows the pools to slip off the mold effortlessly without any mold marks or blemishes.

Let's shorten this all up for you right now and just skip to Cristian at the new River Pools Plant where he goes into great detail about the importance of the pool mold.

If you are ready to "Catch the Wave" like we have, call Pool Pros today for your personalized Fiberglass Pool Quote. 1-920-771-1017 or or check out our fiberglass pool models here!


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