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How Much Does a Waterfall or Water Feature Cost?


What exactly is a water feature? The dictionary says a water feature is a a fountain or a small area of water in a garden or park or pool. There are dozens of options when it comes to water features. Our most popular option is the waterfall featured above. It's 3' tall by 5' wide and has a 3' wide sheer decent waterfall from Custom Molded Products. A water feature like the one above costs around $3,800.00. Take a look at some of our other popular water features below.

Imagine a backyard filled with soothing sound and brilliant color. Brilliant Wonders® 8″ LED Bubbler has Smart Sync® built in and shoot streams up to thirty inches high in vivid LED colors. The cascading flume creates a natural sound and relaxing ambiance. An exciting CMP water feature for gunite, vinyl or fiberglass. Brilliant Wonders® LED Fountain Accessories for Bubblers can be added to create exciting LED fountain effects. $1,200.00 per bubbler installed.

CMP is proud to be the leading manufacturer of pool waterfalls. Natural Wonders® Waterfalls are a beautiful addition to any new or remodel pool or spa. A Natural Wonders® Waterfall may be adjusted from a peaceful clear falling sheet of water to a bold, thundering water feature that adds excitement and style to any project.

Natural Wonders® Waterfalls are available in five styles including the New Clear Waterfall style. There is no limit to water feature design with this timeless waterfall collection.

Natural Wonders® Laminar Deck Jets are precision engineered water features that create a large, smooth, glass-like rod of water as opposed to the more playful stream of a normal deck jet. Carefully developed by CMP engineers to achieve a precise balance of high performance and reliability with ease of service, laminar deck jets feature the same premier technology used to develop the Brilliant Wonders® LED Laminar. $900.00 per laminar installed.

CMP has the best, most complete collection of adjustable and non-adjustable deck jets available on the market. Our patented innovative deck and wall jets add ambiance to any pool or spa design and are the only designs adjustable at the head for additional fine tuning of the water stream. Available with a variety of nozzle designs that include single stream, double stream, triple stream, and fan designs. Mounting plates are available in molded colors and solid brass. $250.00 per jet installed.

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